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Bald is Beautiful Convention

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There are conventions happening all over the world every day, in every field. Many people are required to travel and attend conventions for work. Others attend conventions that cater to their unique hobbies or interests. But have you ever attended a convention specifically tailored to an aspect of your physical appearance? In Morehead City, North […]

Best American Music Festivals

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Ever since the days of Woodstock immortalized the idea of the pivotally important, ultimate music festival, Americans have been perfecting the art of large scale festivals for music lovers. These days it’s easier than ever for the wandering music seeker to enjoy several festivals all over the US. Here are a few of the biggest: […]

Best Backpacks for Backpackers

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Backpacking is one of the most exciting and adventurous ways to see the world. The backpack you choose will determine how comfortable and efficient your trip will be. Check out these tips for choosing the perfect backpack for your trip and recommended choices from top brands. Size: Your backpack should comfortably hold 20-30 lbs of […]

Eating Vegan in Southeast Asia

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Travelling with dietary restrictions can be difficult. Travelling as a vegan – that is, a person who does not eat animal products of any kind (including meat, eggs, dairy and sometimes other foods like honey and animal-derived food additives) – can be nearly impossible. Vegans and vegetarians travelling in Southeast Asia often report confusing encounters […]