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Planning Your Travels

Apples and oranges, that’s the difference between the two personality types one of which excessively plans their time and the other that wants to go with the flow. Neither personality type is inherently wrong as each has its own positive and negative aspects. Travel, as many other things, is a microcosm of life, but it is a microcosm that will inflect personality traits in a more extreme way. The best would be to have a little of both – planning versus going with the moment – this blog will consider the type of personality and the pros and cons of how it will effect traveling.

Planning your trip tightly in advance
The positives of doing this are that you will be keep moving and see the things that you have planned to see for sure. Also, a lot of the mini risks in travel will be removed from the equation. If you have every hotel booked you will never be scrambling for accommodation. Also, you will have an itinerary that will keep you seeing the sights and things that you have planned on seeing.

Now the negative of this can be seen with a simple question. How can you plan everything to do in a foreign country if you have never actually been there? This just means that aspects of the country will reveal themselves as you arrive in them not before. Also, unless you are a really seasoned traveler, you may not actually know how you want to spend your time until you are trying things and seeing what you find fun to do. Lastly, an extremely planned trip kills the chance of veering off the plan when you find certain places extremely fun and want to stay longer.

Going with the flow in your travels and letting them direct you
Positives of this style are that it allows you the flexibility when you arrive in a new place of soaking in that place first then deciding how you will spend your time second. This style is great for amending plans in order to spend time with new people that you have met traveling, which is one of the great joys of travel. Also, it allows for flexibility in terms of trip itinerary of where you will stay and when you will leave. These aspects are important as unplanned opportunities will prop up that might be really to follow. Now of course the down side of this style is that, there are more chances that you could end up without accommodation and have to search hard for it. Also, that if there were a lot of specific things you wanted to see you may miss some of them.

As was mentioned, in a perfect world aspects of each personality type would be combined to maximize each of their strengths.

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