Hey you sexy travel muffins!

The name’s Daisy and I’m busting into this travel blog scene like the special sweet deal that I am:) The name for the site was pretty easy to come up with, in case you’re wondering – it’s one part my name with an awesome combination of Las Vegas and vagabond. Clever, right? While I love living the high life in Vegas, I also love getting out there and seeing the world as much as I can. I live to travel and nobody is going to keep me down!

The Las Vegas part also has a special part in my travel identity, making it key in the foundation of this site. My first travel experience was to Las Vegas when I was a much younger lass than I am now (a whole 2 years ago lol) and I had an absolutely terrible time. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it, I went out and did all the Vegas things like seeing shows and gambling but I ended up really not enjoying any part of it. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized a few things.

    1. I was travelling the way I thought I was supposed to travel – not how I actually wanted to.
      1. I went into it assuming the worst and just kept feeding that negativity.
        1. The people I was travelling with sucked.

I resolved right then and there to never do those things again.

So I went back to Vegas and had an absolutely phenomenal time and I’ve never looked back since. It’s with these things in mind that I get out there and see what there is to see how I want to see it, with who I want to see it with (which sometimes means alone – and I’m cool with that) and always with a positive outlook – and I recommend you do all the same.

Thanks a bunch for checking out the site and I’ll be seeing you lovelies around:)


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