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Seven Pacific and Asian Cruises for 2013

Pacific and Asian cruises are popular because of the beautiful landscape and terrain. Everyone should try to escape to paradise and experience an area different from their own. The cruises this year feature some of the most phenomenal itineraries in the history of cruises. Both short and long cruises are available. Here are seven of the best Pacific and Asian cruises of 2013.

1. Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Regent Seven Seas Cruises exposes visitors to customs and cultures of the Asia Pacific. Australia, Asia, and the South Pacific each have unique historical attractions and natural wonders that can pique the interest of travelers and make the experience enjoyable. Some of the favorites include temples in Singapore, kangaroos in Cairns, and arts in Bali. The service is remarkable aboard the Regent Seven Seas Cruises.

2. Silver Sea Cruise

Silversea features some phenomenal Asia Pacific cruises that include Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific. Beijing’s Great Wall and Forbidden City are some of the most impressive aspects of this cruise. Guests love being immersed into the culture while experiencing the luxurious amenities aboard the ship.

3. Crystal Symphony

Guests aboard the Crystal Symphony will have the opportunity to visit ancient archaeological treasures, ornate temples, and numerous other sites. The cruises stop in Sydney, Singapore, Bali, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh City, Shanghai, and Kobe. Fine wines, champagne, premium spirits, non-alcoholic beverages, and complimentary specialty restaurants are often featured aboard the ship.

4. Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises allows guests to set sail to the South Pacific and Asia in style. They have 35-day roundtrip voyages that will travel from Sydney to Bora Bora, Fiji, Moorea, Papeete and the Hawaiian islands. Other cruises will cover the Asian destinations. There have been Pacific Asian cruises in the past that combined the Asian destinations with the South Pacific destinations but none are featured just yet.

5. Seabourn

Seabourn Pride have numerous Asian and Pacific tours that originate in Hong Kong or Bali and travel to Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and other areas along the way. The cruise ships have luxurious amenities and rooms with upscale materials including marble granite and other desirable details that make an experience complete.

6. Royal Caribbean

This cruise features numerous excursions on land including temples in Cambodia, open-air markets in Hong Kong, tall buildings in Taiwan, and sarongs in Singapore. Royal Caribbean knows how to cruise and make their guests feel special.

7. Star Cruise

The Superstar Series are some of the most impressive Pacific and Asian cruises offered by Star. The restaurants, pools, spas, lounges, and karaoke rooms keep guests entertainment while sailing between ports. Star Cruise Virgo departs from Singapore and Star Cruise Aquarius departs from China.

Go Cruising for Your Next Holiday!

Don’t delay booking your next holiday Pacific and Asian Cruise in 2013. Numerous cruises are luxurious and offer the escape required to feel rejuvenated and refreshed. When you are ready, there are cruises from Perth and other Asia Pacific locations.

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