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Amazing Things to do in Barcelona

Barcelona hands down is one of the best locations in Europe. Blessed with the warmth of the Mediterranean and ample stores of art, culture, and style the city truly has something for everyone. Art buffs and lovers of architecture will get their fill, if you like beach life is in abundance, and the night life is thriving each day of the week. Given below are a few more suggestions you can take in order to have your best time in this the capital city of Catalonia.


Park Guell
This is Gaudi’s famous park, an interpretation of different Fairy Tales, Gaudi’s imagination, and an English style garden. Sound interesting?  The park draws in millions of visitors each year. In order to see the amazingly varied landscapes of this Barcelona, and perhaps the world’s, most unusual park. Along with the Church of the Sacred Family this is Gaudi’s most recognizable piece of architecture.

Sagrada Familia
The Sagrada Familia is another example of the architectural imagination and genius of Antononi Gaudi. Perhaps the most famous, still unfinished building in the world, this church represents the last building that Gaudi was building. Begun in 1886, Gaudi devoted his least years in the 1920’s to its construction. When he died it was approximately one quarter complete. The building exists as one of the most intriguing modern re-interpretations of gothic architecture using art nouveau forms. This is a cathedral that must be seen as it is like no other.

Las Ramblas Street
Visitors to Spain find their way again and again to Las Ramblas street. This street has so much passion and fervor that it encapsulates the Spanish pathos in one long stretch of pavement. Complete with vendors, street performers and musicians it is a place of spectacle and art. In the middle of the street is a large food market place where visitors can eat lunch and sample Spanish foods.

El Raval
This is a little street that is a virtual bonanza of intriguing and groovy boutiques, second hand book and record stores. This place showcases a trendy sub culture in Barcelona and will certainly showcase where the locals go to shop. While you’re there enjoy some down time in one of the funky cafes in the neighborhood.

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