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Why Apartment Rentals are Best

When you’re looking into accommodation for your vacation there are a ton of options open to you. Depending on your destination, you could stay in a hostel, a hotel of various quality and price-points, villas, apartments, couch surf or even house sit. Hostels and hotels are good for short term stays but often lack the amenities necessary for longer term travel (or those that do fall short on the necessary privacy many people come to long for after a while), and couch surfing/house sitting just doesn’t sit well with many travellers – and particularly with the latter, is hard to come by an arrangement that works with everyone.

Somewhere right in the middle, the Goldilocks of the travel accommodation, are your apartment or villa rentals. They really can’t be beat as far as quality and overall experience and if you use a sight like Friendly Rentals you can find one almost anywhere in the world. You simply can’t have a more accommodating type of accommodation!

Still not convinced? Here are a few reasons why you should stay in an apartment on your next vacation.


1. Solid Price for Length of Time

You probably know those people who brag about the fantastic deals they get on a hostel for less than $20 a day but unless they have seriously lucked out, it truly isn’t anything to brag about. Depending on the features you look for and where abouts it is, you can find a fantastic apartment wherever you want to be for a great price, particularly if you’re staying for over a week.


2. Almost Everything You Need

Everyone has different needs but a lot of apartments can offer you full kitchens stocked with cooking implements, dining and living areas, bathrooms that actually have hot water and your own private bed. Shop at the local market and cook for yourself, saving even more money that would be spent on dining out for every meal. Having some of the creature comforts of home to just relax and enjoy your holiday goes a long way towards making a great vacation and you can’t really have that in a hostel or hotel.


3. Great Proximity to the Action

Apartments tend to be right where the action is because before they were rented out to tourists, they served the general populace who lived and worked – right where you want to be. Enjoy waking up every morning and sauntering down to the downstairs café? Want to stumble home from a great night on the town at whatever hour you choose? Desire to be by the beach but entirely on your own? You can bet there’s an apartment just for you.


4. Privacy and Peace of Mind

Socializing while on vacation is a great way to experience the culture and make new friends but sometimes you just want to be by yourself – and you really can’t get this anywhere other than an apartment. With nobody else coming and going from the premises and you being the only one to use the living quarters, you don’t have to worry as much about your stuff getting stolen (well, it still happens). It’s just a great feeling being able to come back after a long day of sightseeing and just crash in your own space and drown out all other distractions.

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