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How to Kill Time in an Airport

Some people love spending time in the airport before taking off on a flight, while others severely loathe it. Where the lovers will see the positives in wandering around and taking in the little things that are only present in a confined, temporary location like an airport, the haters will be driven up the wall by these things that are viewed as impediments to getting to their ultimate destination. Heathrow parking is a convenience that definitely makes flying out of London easier but even this thing that takes so much of the hassle out of travel can be irritating if you hate the place you’re parking at.

Personally, I’m somewhere in the middle and while I can be a bit of a downer when it comes to going to the airport, I do enjoy the experience (so long as I’m not delayed too long!). Here are the ways in which I make the most of my time at an airport.


Plan Out my Time

I find if I know an approximation of how my time is going to be spent I feel a lot less frustrated about the waiting game ahead of me. If I’m flying out a nearby city, I make sure to plan out where I’m going to park, grabbing parking at Gatwick airport or finding airport parking Luton to be a huge help in me worrying about where my car is going to be. The time that could be wasted on finding a place to park can be instead spent inside, which I think you will agree is a much better way to spend your time!


Visit the Souvenir Shops

It seems silly, but even when I’m taking off from home or an airport like Heathrow or Gatwick that I have been to dozens of times, I enjoy perusing the various souvenir shops. Do I ever buy anything? Of course not! Well, that’s not true – if I’m going to visit someone and want to take them something from my country, the airport isn’t a bad place to find some silly little thing to take them. It’s pretty amusing to see what the stereotypical souvenirs there are in your home airport and country, especially when you know something like the waving Queen is everywhere!

It’s also here that I grab a magazine if for no other reason than variety. I don’t buy magazines any other time but having one for the flight and the time waiting for my flight grants me great amusement that is made all the more special by the ritual associated with it. Oh… and maybe a little treat to nibble on:p


People Watch

I don’t think I’m alone in saying there are some REALLY interesting people in airports and it provides me no end of amusement to just watch them going about their business. From questionable fashion choices to the way they behave in public, it’s not uncommon for me to strike up conversation with complete strangers over our general amusement over other travellers. Some people are in such a rush and you can tell it by their body language – others are so in love with who they are with that they don’t overly mind the delays. Seriously, it’s so entertaining!

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