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Exploring Pathos Without Emptying your Wallet

The ancient city of Paphos can be found on the southwest coast of Cyprus and is famous for its historical buildings as well as its excellent weather, which can be enjoyed all year round. Although the cost of visiting Cyprus is far from cheap, people who are on a tight budget will find that there are plenty of things to see and do here without breaking the bank.

There are a large number of historical buildings and other attractions that are just waiting to be discovered as you arrived, Paphos airport car hire are ready to walk around and explore Paphos. The Archaeological Park is one of the main local treasures, as it contains a large number of well-preserved ancient buildings. Other attractions that can be reached on foot and should not be missed include the Temple of Aphrodite, Medieval Castle and Odeon Theatre, while the Paphos Archaeological Museum, Ethnographic Museum and Byzantine Museum are excellent places to visit to find out more about local history and culture.

Paphos boasts its own beautiful beach, and stretching out on the sand and soaking up the sun is an inexpensive pleasure that people of all ages are sure to enjoy. The sand is lapped by cool, clear water, which is just waiting to be enjoyed. Swimming is a popular pastime here, while other types of water sports such as snorkelling, sailing and jet skiing are also affordable. Cycling and hiking are other great ways of discovering the area without busting your budget. Bicycles can be hired cheaply from a large number of local companies, while a number of trails run through the mountain and wilderness areas that are ideal for keen hikers to explore.

No trip to Paphos would be complete without sampling the local cuisine. Some of the tasty treats that are just waiting to be enjoyed here include loukanika, which is seasoned sausages in wine, smoked pork, beef or rabbit stew and meat and rice wrapped in grape leaves, which is known locally as koupepia. Meze is a famous snack food similar to tapas that is served in restaurants, cafes and other eateries all over Pathos. There are more than 30 different types of meze for visitors to try, and budget conscious travellers should seek out street stalls and food carts at local markets.

When it comes to souvenir shopping, the best bargains can be found at small markets. Although the sellers often drive a hard bargain, bartering is part of the fun here, and some of the best buys in Paphos include handmade pottery, jewellery and paintings.

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