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Ways to Earn Some Money on the Road

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If you’re out on the road and the old money gas tank is quickly approaching zero you may need to come up with a way to make money fast. This blog is going to detail a few “legal” ideas you can use to earn some more money to keep the trip going. Keeping with a few different styles of travel some will be for people who have work permits while others more general ways to make a few extra books that keep your expedition moving forward.

Annapurna Vishram DhaamWork in a Hostel 

A classic way to get down on costs is to earn a little money right where you sleep. If you got lots of personality and you have been there for awhile maybe you could find yourself working at the hostels reception. This is always a plum job as you get to meet all the backpackers as they arrive and probably earn a wage on top of free accommodations. Now, what is probably more likely is that you can get a job, for either free accommodations – if you’re lucky – or reduced price for accommodations, cleaning in the hostel.

Dishwasher, Kitchen Staff, or glass collector

If you’re low on funds in a foreign country one idea is to start visiting the local restaurants, cafe, and bars to see if you can get a job behind the scenes. In honesty this is probably even a possibility if you don’t have a work permit as they often pay cash in hand. These jobs are far from glamorous, but hey – they could extend your trip and there really is a camaraderie that happens from working a s*it job with other people.

Take part in a Science Experiment 

Sounds hokey… but it really is a way that people can make money. Often advertised in papers, especially back packer publications, like TNT in the UK, are call outs for volunteers for science experiments. Depending on whether the experiment requires people to stay at the facility are not volunteers can actually make a fair amount of money doing this. So the question is are you willing to give your body to help science? … and keep your trip going?

Start Recycling 

Well to be honest this one isn’t going to get you anywhere to fast, but it can sustain you in the short term depending on what country you are in and what commitment you are willing to make towards it. If you ask the hostel you are staying at nicely perhaps they will allow you to take their bottles to depot and cash in. If you want to take it further you can start collecting cans in the parks from picnics. Be warned though you may face some stiff competition to get cans from locals trying to do the same thing.

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