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Ways to Earn Money on the Road (part 2)

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The last thing anyone wants while having the time of their life is for the trip to end. Bearing that in mind there are ways that you can extend your trip. You just need to get a little creative, or else poach a few of these suggestions for ways to make money to keep the travels going. Remember though being totally impoverished and traveling really isn’t too fun, but we’re not the types to judge. Ways to keep a trip going while almost broke include:

Fruit pick or do farm work 

An especially popular option for skint backpackers in Australia is doing work on a farm. Other countries a poor back packer can offer some hard labour for room and board and a “little” money. Usually the money that you earn isn’t to high though and the work is long, hard, and arduous. Perhaps the best thing (from some personal experience) about doing fruit picking or farm work is the connections you make to your fellow backpacker companions. Perhaps this is worth the experience in of itself.

Construction work 

If you are a guy and you have a decent stamina and strength doing construction is an option to earn some money fast. Again similar to farm work this is tough work, but there reasonable chance you can get hired on for doing day labour without paper work. Also similar to farm work the benefit is that you will get in shape from doing this kind of work really fast.

Got some talent? What about travel writing, busking, or even online poker

All three of these money making pursuits, for different reasons, would appeal to a lot of people as they actually are fun to do. The central issue though is whether or not you have talent to do them. Anybody can try to write, and not make a cent, or play music on the street and do the same. So ask yourself, and be honest, do I have talents to do these things. If the answer, including being a skilled gambler, is yes… then why not keep the travels going with your talents.

Be a film/ tv extra 

The funny thing is that most people never really think to pursue this avenue, but in reality – depending on the city – there is often a thriving demand for extras. Sometimes producers have been known to post out casting calls on sites like couchsurfer. In reality this may not be a way to permanently sustain yourself, but it could give you a little beer money and who knows perhaps you will get discovered.

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