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Travel Tips – Health and Carrying Electronics


Time on the road can wear down even the most robust constitution. Travellers need to take cautions to maintain themselves so that they can keep on traveling and feeling great during the trip. Not feeling ones best will seriously take away from the fun that a person is having on the trip. The following list of tips hopes to provide ways that you can stay at full health while on the road. Other topics covered will also include a few practical tips for electronics you may carry with you.

Maintaining Health While Abroad 

Drink loads of water; especially in warm weather nations make sure to stay well hydrated.  Also, drinking a lot of water can be a good idea before embarking on the trip as it can help, somewhat, offset jet lag.

–  Pack Ciproflaxin. This is a fantastic little anti-biotic that is useful to treat all varieties of maladies including bladder infection, stomach bugs, and UTI.

– Be sure to bring band aids and Neosporin. The first is self explanatory, but Neosporin is a great little medicine that is highly effective in disinfecting cuts and blisters and even helping with rashes and skin irritations.

– Depending on where you are going be sure to read up on important immunizations that you will require.

– When you need it, give yourself a day of rest. Don’t feel bad if every now and then you just want to sit and watch TV in the hostel common room. Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is put the breaks on for a day or two.

Bringing different electronics with you 

– First suggestion is to strongly consider what you really need. Perhaps you don’t actually need to have that many electronics with you at all. A cardinal rule of traveling is don’t bring what you’re not willing to lose.

– If you do bring a lap top it is best to have a cheap and light one. Hostels, and lots of cafes, have WIFI, but of importance is to remember traveling is for engaging and talking to people not sitting and Facebooking people at home. Spend your time engaging with people right around you – not a continent away.

– When you’re in a safe place, and you can keep an eye on it, take every chance you can to charge your electronics. Nothing is more annoying than when they run out of juice at an inopportune time.

– Research what adaptor you will need to for the location you are going. Also, and more importantly, check the electronic specifications of what you are bringing and make sure they will work at all where you are going.

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