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Unwind and Explore in Barcelona


The great city of Barcelona is a top rated place for travellers the world over for a reason – it’s vibrant culture and laid back attitude is the tops when it comes to qualities in a holiday destination. Situated on the Mediterranean Sea in the country of Spain, Barcelona is never a bad choice for a vacation because the city itself seems alive with activity regardless of what you choose to do.

For first time visitors, or those considering a trip there, Barcelona has a little of everything and while you might be tempted to join it up with other locales as a quick stop, try to avoid this. There is so much to see and do in Barcelona that you would be crazy to rush it. Take a look below at some of the many attractions to be enjoyed while in Barcelona:

72_518534575971_901_nSagrada Familia

This cathedral of cathedrals is one of the most unusual structures ever conceived – and it’s still being built! Began over a century ago, Sagrada Familia is a must see for all visitors to the city, religious or not. From the intricate stone work to the imposing spires and sculptures on the interior, you will be forgiven if you can’t look at another cathedral again without comparing it to this one!

Walking Around

Barcelona boasts an excellent metro system that connects virtually every part of the city together, but the best way to get around the city centre is by hitting the streets yourself. Whether it’s a walk along the piers, a stroll down Las Ramblas for shopping and people watching or hiking up the hills to the National Art Gallery or Parc Guell, Barcelona demands to be explored by foot.

The Beaches

Part of the reason for taking your time in Barcelona is so you have the chance to properly enjoy all its assets, which include the beaches. You can easily walk from the downtown area to the many beaches, stretch out, soak up the rays, enjoy a cerveza or two, and then continue on your adventures. Or you can just spend the day at the beach and wander into whatever seaside restaurant catches your eye – you’re on vacation after all.

The Night Life

It doesn’t matter what age you are or where your interests lie, if you’re in Barcelona you need to go out at night. Particularly in the warmer months, you won’t have a problem running into a random street party or concert seemingly coming out of nowhere. The bars and clubs cater to all tastes, from great late night food (the Spanish have a tendency not to eat until 10pm anyways!), shot bars or clubs that don’t open until after midnight. The energy is so intoxicating that sleep will be the furthest thing on your mind.


With so many things to do, you’d be crazy to not arrange to stay for at least a week to see all there is in Barcelona. An apartment is the best way to maximize your long stay vacation at a reasonable rate and Gowithoh can help you out with this. Find a place to stay in the heart of the action and you’ll see why Barcelona is so highly recommended by travellers everywhere!

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