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Things to do in Belize

An independent realm on the eastern coast of Central America, abundant in terrestrial and marine life. Its diversified ecosystems made the place as one of the most visiting tourist spots. When one takes a trip to this country the only things to do in Belize are adventurous with the kind of natural wealth and resources they have.

things to do in Belize

Here are some beautiful and the best holiday destinations where you can experience the other dimension of your life and yourselves:

  • Great Blue Hole

World’s largest blue hole in the ocean. Many giant stalactites, columns and dripstone sheets of the ocean which are formed during the glacial periods are displayed in a gallery near the blue hole. Many divers and archaeologists go to the bottom of the hole to explore the appealing marine life and geological surprises.

things to do in Belize

Divers across the world say that the place is one of the world’s best destinations for scuba diving. The place offers you to experience the real diving and some dive boat rides. This is the great place where adventurous things to do in Belize.

  • Caye Caulker

The place is mostly with the mangroves which shelter incredible varieties birdlife. The place welcomes you with a breezy beach day daily. No cars, emissions and difficulties in the place but just pleasant beaches and fresh seafood.

things to do in Belize

Another destination for adventurous things to in Belize. Things to do in Belize’s Caulker Island are snorkeling, windsurfing, bird watching, fishing and many more adventures are hidden in this place to explore.

  • Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary

Between December to May, many migrating bird armies come on to the lands of the Crooked tree wildlife sanctuary. This crooked tree village offers the tourists the one and only things to do in Belize, Birdwatching and a unique experience with the kind of the residential they provide and the gastronomy.

things to do in Belize

Birdwatching is one of the curious things to do in Belize. The best time to watch the birds in April and May when the birds lower themselves for the food. Feeding sessions to birds are also allowed if anyone seeks the ornithological bliss.

  • Turneffe Atoll

America’s latest and largest marine life reserve. All the islands of the Atoll are overshadowed by the mangroves. It is considered as the primary destination for the adventuresome things to do in Belize like snorkeling, diving, and sports fishing.

things to do in Belize

There are some beautiful and adventurous sites where the kind of things to do in Belize that a diver never says “no” to dive in those places. Sea gardens provide the diving experience for the amateurs. The divers here have a habit of the deep-sea fishing.

  • Hummingbird Highway

The highway has come into the limelight because it started to encourage the ecotourism. The drive on this road takes you through the jungle, citrus orchards, and some small villages. The ride will be over a 55-mile length about 2-hour time, on a clear day some caves and jungle adventures add some spice to the things to do in Belize.

things to do in Belize

The highway offers some excellent accommodations in the budget in an eco-friendly manner makes everybody to just beg for a single overnight stay.

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