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The territory is thickly sprinkled with the snow-capped mountains; the climate here supports the cultivation of the varieties of fruits. The place unleashes its natural treasures with the harmonious architecture, the vast range of cuisines and rustic culture. The place is filled with full of architectural & cultural sovereigns like Bovec, Lake Bled, PTUJ, Mt. Triglav and adventurous activities like skiing, mountain cycling, rafting etc are much common here. Many places here show their own uniqueness during the Slovenia trip.

Slovenia trip

Here are some admirable natural beauties to explore during one’s Slovenia trip.

  • Bovec:

Everybody who had the Slovenia trip must have thought that the Bovec is an adventure that has been waiting to happen. The beautiful river valley runs through the Julian Alps which draws the attention of adventure sports like rafting, mountain hiking, biking, and skiing.

Slovenia trip

For the residence, the main town provides beautiful hotels with first class arrangements and boasting some of finest restaurants of the entire Slovenia trip. The main focus will be on the river, they provide some swimming sessions during summer.

  • Lake Bled:

The greatest attraction in the whole Slovenia trip with its elegant blue-green waters. Each and every corner of the place is considered as the vantage point and it will be a beautiful backdrop for the 6KM walk side of the shore. The waters of the lake are swimmable from June-August.

Slovenia trip

Lake is the center of attraction for the entire town where you can have the boats for the rent for riding. Diving sessions are also provided for the adventure seekers.

  • PTUJ:

The place Ptuj is considered as an ocean of red-tiled roofs. It is one of the oldest towns of in Slovenia, rising slightly above a wide valley forms a resonant red-tile roof. The best view of the resonant roofs can be obtained from the Drava river.

Slovenia trip

During the Slovenia trip, the place shows the country’s original art, culture, and practices in the form of museums, monasteries, churches and one beautiful castle. Your Slovenia trip is never complete until you enjoy the side activities like boat ride, consuming the fresh seafood and much more.

  • Vipava Valley:

The valley has got its fame for the fertile land for the production of the wine. In whole Slovenia trip, the place is perfect for the car or the bike riding with the astonishing rural scenery.

Slovenia trip

During the Autumn trees blossom and the place turns into the colorful and photogenic. On your Slovenia trip, this place makes you taste different species of fruits like peaches and apricots in respective seasons.

  • Mt Triglav:

This 2864m limestone peak has been an object of devotion and inspiration for more than a millennium – which has conquered its place on the national flag. Every Slovene believes that the climbing the mountain as pilgrimage and the tradition continues till now.

Slovenia trip

The Mountain is just the centerpiece of the Triglav National park. If you want the adventure of the Slovenia trip, stay for a couple of days and experience the climbing of the Mt. Triglav.

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