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Why India is the Perfect Place for a Family Holiday

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If you’re looking for something different from your typical family holiday this year, consider an Indian getaway. The country is bursting with incredible sights, a rich history and unparalleled experiences throughout, so don’t hesitate. Here are some more reasons to convince you.

It’s diverse

India is perhaps the only country in the world where you’ll be able to get lost in the bustle of a major city, hike through a huge mountain range and try your hand at an authentic safari. There’s no pinning it down – whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it in India.

And there’s room to try it all on a family holiday. Consider visiting Delhi or Kolkata – they’re two of India’s biggest cities but offer incredibly different yet equally incredible experiences. Afterwards, head to one of its many national parks to spot lions, tigers and elephants roaming in the wild. As this post explains, India remains the only country in the world where both the tiger and lion can be found in the wild.

The little ones will learn a lot

With such a wealth of culture and history to be discovered in India, your kids will be clued up without even having to try. Consider visiting some of the country’s most important landmarks – the Taj Mahal goes without saying – in order for them to see the parts of India they may not know about.

Consider visiting Kerala for a first-hand insight into Indian culture with a homestay. With accommodating families, these Indian homes welcome you warmly with home-cooked food, a family environment and stories told through the night. It’s a unique and exciting way to learn more about India and its residents.

It’s full of culture

As previously mentioned, there’s a wealth of culture awaiting you in India. From the architecture to the food, it seeps out of the country’s every corner. Make sure you’re not skipping the street food in India’s cities, as it’s where you’ll be able to experience the most delectable dishes cherished by the locals.

And there’s no doubt the little ones will appreciate this, too. India’s culture is colourful, exciting and inviting – festivals are one of the best ways to experience it. Visit the country in March to attend a Holi festival, described as the world’s most colourful celebration, where gifts and food are exchanged in a shower of bright powdered colours.

You’ll see the best sights in the world

Whether it’s the palaces of Kolkata, the peaks of the Himalaya or even the Great Wall of India – yes, it exists – you’ll be sure to have the little ones dropping their jaws at everything you come across. Regardless of where you are, India is so full of both natural and manmade beauty that it’s hard to not be impressed.

The Red Fort, labelled by this blog as Delhi’s most iconic monument, is one such sight that will leave you blown away. Its majestic architecture and intricate detail will enrapture you for as long as you explore it, and the evening light shows at the fort only serve to make it more incredible.

It’s a bundle of fun

There’s no denying that India is perhaps the most fun country in the entire world. As mentioned, you can do everything here – from climbing mountains to walking with lions and tigers, from participating in national festivals to wandering ancient palaces. There are simply no limits to India’s wonder.

Do you have a favourite spot in India to recommend to others? Tell us in the comments below.

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