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Best Destinations for a Bear Safari

There are eight living species of bear found within the continents of North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Some species may be dangerous to humans, particularly in areas wherever they need become used to people. AAll bears are physically powerful and are capable of fatally attacking a person, but for the most part, they will try to avoid humans.

Sometimes it’s possible to view these magnificent animals without a guide, but most of the time a guided bear safari is the best way to ensure a safe, successful experience of viewing bears in their natural habitat. An overview of some of the best destinations for a great bear safari in the world.

Piatra Craiului Mountains

Piatra Craiului MountainsWith about 4,500 bears, Romania has the most important bear population in Europe. While many tour operators advertise bear watching tours in Romania, it is actually very difficult to see bears in the wild and bear (or wild animal) searchingis perhaps a better term. A good place to travel on a bear campaign tour are the Piatra Craiului Mountains, a range within the Southern Carpathians. The complete vary is enclosed in a national park. Zarneşti is that the most significant city for visiting the national park.

Admiralty Island

Located off the coast of the Alaska Panhandle, Admiralty Island is home to the highest density of brown bears in North America. An estimated 1,600 brown bears inhabit the island, more than the entire lower 48 states, and outnumbering Admiralty’s human residents nearly three to one. Most of Admiralty Island is occupied by a protected wilderness area. The rainforest vegetation provides ideal habitats for black and brown bears and other animals such as deer and eagles.

Wrangel Island

Wrangel Island is a mountainous island located well above the arctic circle. Woolly mammoths survived here until 1700 BC, the most recent survival of all known mammoth populations. However, due to limited food supply, they were much smaller in size than typical mammoths. Wrangel Island has the highest level of biodiversity in the high Arctic. The island boasts the world’s largest population of Pacific walrus and the highest density of polar bear dens (snow caves).

Wolong National Nature Reserve

Wolong National Nature ReserveWolong National Nature Reserve could be a protected area in central China. The reserve is additionally a home to several species together with red pandas, golden monkeys, white-lipped deer. The foremost notable creatures within the park are the 150 highly endangered giant pandas however. The Giant Panda is an endangered bear species, with only about 1,500 individuals left in the wild. Due to the May 2008 earthquake, the Wolong Panda Center is presently closed to the general public. Most of the pandas are resettled to the sister Center, Bifengxia, outside Ya’an town.

Explore to these best destinations for a great bear safari with your family and enjoy!

Image by Horia Varlan,rdotbryant,Monika & Tim Under Creative Common License.


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