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Things to do in Barcelona


Many a person would say that if you had a chance to go one place in Europe, Barcelona should be that place. Barcelona combines culture, beach, food, and fun into one amazing overall travel experience. Visits and guided Barcelona tours see tourists enjoying some of the world’s most intriguing architecture, savouring some of Europe’s most fascinating art, and enjoying time on one of Europe’s most uproarious streets Las Ramblas, and all this while enjoying the beauty of the Mediterranean which is on the foot step of the city. Some of the best things to do in Barcelona include:

Visit Park Guell 

A great way to start your Barcelona experience and your Gaudi experience – Barcelona patron saint of architecture and one of the world’s most intriguing architects is Antonio Gaudi – is at the famous Park Guell. Touted, rightfully so, as intriguing man made landscapes this park encompasses Gaudi’s artistic style and love of Catalan culture. A few of things you will see here include the Sala Hisostila, which is a mock indoor marketplace complete with surrealistic lizard sculptures, pagan buildings, and symbols symbolizing the four seasons. Also see the closed chapel as the mosaic style cottages with mushroom shaped chimneys.

Visit the Saint Joseph of Boqueria Market 

For any lover of food a trip the Saint Joseph of Boqueria Market, or simply known as Boqueria, is a must. A market place since the 17th century this plaza has attracted local butchers, bakers, and farmers to present their wares and feed the hungry people of Barcelona. That tradition still lives on today as visitors to the market are treated to an attack of the senses as colours and enticing aromas emit from everywhere. Everything is on sale here from fresh fruit, wines, fish, produce and poultry. There are also many food stalls also set up and even bars and restaurants can be found in the market. Many a travelers to Barcelona have used Boqueria as their daily source of food and snacks. This is also a great way to see Barcelona life in action. The market is open from 8 am until 8:30 pm.

The Barri Gotic 

The Gothic quarter of town, the Barri Gotic is a place where travelers can explore intricate architecture and quaint nostalgia of medieval Barcelona. Many of the best architectural landmarks are found here like La Seu Cathedral, where the arch bishop of Barcelona resides, and the Plaça Sant Jaume which is the quarter’s main plaza. The gothic quarter is filled with great shops, cafes and bars all of which provide a chance for great people watching. Street performers also work their craft in this area.

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