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More things to do in Barcelona

Barcelona, the jewel of the Mediterranean and the apple of Spain’s eye, is a fantastic city to visit. The city boasts a variety of different ways for people to amuse themselves and countless opportunities to savour great architecture and amazing art. Filled with a gastro culture visitors to Barcelona enjoy eating tapas and sipping great beers in one of the city’s many squares or patios. Visitors to Barcelona are really only limited by their imagination when it comes to how they will spend their time in the city. That said a few more options of more things to do in Barcelona include.

ramblas-bLas Ramblas 

One of the most hustling and bustling streets in all of Europe Las Ramblas truly does have a wonderful vibe and energy to it. Made of cobble stoned and lined with shops, bars, restaurants and street artists and performers Las Ramblas is always busy at all hours. During the day it’s easy to have your portrait done by an artist, grab a light snack, and look at the many crafts for sale. When the sun goes down it gets a little wild as the party comes to the streets as people sell beers right on the streets. Stay attentive though there are pick pockets working in the area. Be sure to check out the 200 plus foot high monument of Christopher Columbus.

La Sagrada Familia 

For a period spanning from 1882 until his untimely death Art Nouveau master architect Antoni Gaudi devoted himself to the construction of La Sagrada Família. An imposing structure the gothic style church towers over Barcelona in its still unfinished form as construction continues today.  Even a person not interested in architecture will be intrigued by this work of art. What makes this church stand out are the intricate carvings on its exterior which will tax your ability to soak it all in. The church sits on the North side of Barcelona and costs 13.50 for entrance, but many people are often content to take a look at the imposing building just from the outside.

Casa Batllo 

Many feel that perhaps Gaudi’s best work, and oddly least known, Casa Batllo is known for its skeletal windows and terraces. The oddly shaped facade of the building is thought to depict the legend of St George slaying the dragon, in particular the roof is suppose to depict the dragons scaly back. Take the time to soak in the huge amount of detail that was followed. While inside you can tour the Noble floor and head to the roof to see Gaudi’s famous spiny chimneys.  Priced a little higher than some of the other attractions of Barcelona Casa Batllo costs 20.35 Euros for entry with an audio tour included.

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