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More Reasons to Come to Europe in Winter

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More reasons to come to Europe in Winter 

Summer is the cliché time to come to Europe with every single other tourist. The hotels will be booked, the lines long, and people patience growing shorter and shorter. Have you ever considered making your trip to Europe during the Winter? Come during this time and you will save money on everything, be able to take in a variety of winter festivals and also enjoy Europe’s great variety of winter sports. A few reasons to enjoy Europe during the winter are.

Everything is Cheaper

The cost of trains, accommodations, and attractions are all significantly reduced. As a natural connection to the first point they have to try to draw more business. In the great scheme of supply and demand you have just changed from being a buyer to a seller. In the summer they know that business is easy to attract and they don’t worry about treating customers well, now they need you and they will act accordingly. This is really a major reason to come in winter.

The Christmas Markets and Winter Festivals 

During Christmas time in Europe there are loads of great Christmas Markets in places like Copenhagen, London, and Munich. These street markets hold to a tradition of December markets that dates back to the 15th century and have always brought in local and regional tourists. Other events are taken place all across Europe throughout the winter. A few examples include the Dublin International Film Festival, the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup, and the Winter Solstice across Scandinavia.

Winter Sports 

Europe is the place that alpine and Nordic skiing originated. With that said there are amazing European destinations for skiing and snowboarding in the alps and other mountain ranges dotting the continent. Beyond great skiing and snowboarding there are other winter pursuits as well like snow kiting, snow shoeing, ice racing, ice fishing and tobogganing.

Winter foods 

The colds of northern Europe were literally where the idea of comforting eating took hold. There are a variety of different cold weather foods to try across the Northern European nations. Germans like venison while the Swiss and the French popularized fondue – which basically is dipping pieces of bread into various melted cheeses. If you’re at a UK Christmas Market be sure to have mulled wine and roasted chest nuts.

winter_camping_finnmark_north_norway_photo_c_h-innovation_norwayThe Winter Atmosphere 

Especially if you’re from a region that is usually sunny and warm there is something magical about seeing snow all over the ground. All the attractions of Europe – in the north – take on a different allure when they are covered in snow. Things like snow falling at the Eiffel tower, the canals iced over in Amsterdam, or the streets covered in snow in Copenhagen can create a real atmosphere that is truly cozy when you get inside to a warm, cheerful pub.

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