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Jerusalem Travel Guide

Regarded as a holy city to the 3 major religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, Jerusalem is one amongst the world’s oldest cities. set high within the Judean Mountains, Jerusalem was at one time colonized by the Jebusite tribe till King David of the Israelites captured it 3,000 years past and created it Israel’s capital town. Over the centuries, the town has been enclosed, attacked and captured varied times by opposing non secular and political powers. In spite of your time and warfare, Jerusalem’s several historic sites stay well preserved, making it one amongst the foremost lovely and interesting cities of the globe.


Divided into many districts, Jerusalem could be a outstanding mix of first century structures, modern-day high-rise buildings and multicultural neighborhoods. The Old City is that the main attraction with its varied historic and non secular landmarks. a number of the foremost vital sites embrace the Church of the Holy Church of the Holy sepulchre, the Temple Mount, the wall, the Dome of the Rock and therefore the Al-Aqsa house of worship. Outside the previous town, common attractions are the Garden spot, Hezekiah’s Tunnels, Jerusalem Botanical science Gardens and therefore the Biblical Zoo.

Being a cosmopolitan city, Jerusalem features cuisine from all over the world from falafel stands and kosher eateries to exotic restaurants. Nightlife offers plenty of bars and clubs with DJs and live music of various genres.
While much of Jerusalem is walkable, there are buses, taxis, light rail and bike rentals to get visitors around the city.

Image by BostonCatholicBostonCatholic under CC License.


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