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Cologne – Not to Miss

Cologne Cathedral

Effortlessly the most renowned church in Germany, Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom) has been Cologne’s most prominent landmark for centuries. The basilica remains on the site of a fourth century Roman sanctuary, trailed by a congregation commissioned by Maternus, the first Christian cleric of Cologne. Development of the present Gothic church started in 1248 and took, with intrusions, over 600 years to finish. Two tremendous towers, finished in 1880, overwhelm Cologne’s skyline; it is the city’s second most astounding building.

Hohenzollern Bridge


Of the seven scaffolds that cross the Rhine River in Cologne, the Hohenzollern Bridge is the most celebrated thanks to its location near the cathedral. The development of the first bridge occurred from 1907 to 1911. In 1945, German military specialists exploded the scaffold when Allied troops started their ambush on Cologne. Only three years after the fact the extension was somewhat repaired and in 1959 the Hohenzollernbrücke was totally reproduced. Because of its area close to Cologne’s principle train station around 1200 trains go here consistently. A pedestrian walkway allows visitors to cross the Rhine for a beautiful view of the skyline of Cologne.

Romisch-Germanisches Museum


The Romisch-Germanisches Museum may be located in a modern building, but its interior contains parts of original Roman facilities, making it an archeological site as well as a repository for ancient artifacts. The museum was built so as to protect the site of an old Roman villa. A Dionysius mosaic can be found in the basement, while a section of an old Roman road is outside. The museum’s mission is to protect Cologne’s Roman heritage, which includes not only facilities but also items such as utensils and tools the Romans used in daily living.

Cologne Cable Car

The Cologne Cable Car, which connects the zoo and botanical garden, is considered the city’s safest transportation. In operation since 1957, the short trip over the Rhine River offers spectacular views of Cologne, including the river and Cologne Cathedral. It also passes over a nudist spa, but riders say they cable car is high enough that not too much can be seen. A popular Cologne tourist attraction, the vintage-style four-seat cable cars make the trip in 10 minutes.

Image by croylelond under CC License.


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