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Enjoy the Gulf of Munnar

Spread across a part of 560 sq km, Gulf of Mannar National Park lies inside the larger Gulf of Munnar region reserve (10,500 sq km) within the state of Tamil Nadu. It encompasses twenty one small yet surprisingly stunning islands and stretches across the south-eastern coasts of Rameswaram, Tutucorin, Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari within the sparkling waters of the ocean. this can be the primary marine region Reserve in Southeast Asia and without doubt, the simplest of its kind with an amazingly Bhuge variety plants and animals! The marine animals and coral reefs are the most attraction here. you may conjointly notice variety of rare and endangered species depicting the ‘after-effects’ of the ruins caused by man. however, this place can merely mesmerize you on the far side your expectations!


Whether you’re an mortal, a life enthusiast, a nature lover, a bird watcher, an journey junkie or just somebody longing for a getaway this park pays heed to your escapade! For teenagers, its a good chance to check the animals mentioned in their biology books right there ahead of their eyes! For lovers, the atmosphere is ideal to line the mood.

Climatic Conditions

Gulf of Munnar experiences tropical climatic conditions. This place receives rainfall from both southwest and northeast monsoons with the latter contributing predominantly. Heavy rain-showers are known to pour down during the months of October to December. December is the coldest month while summer sets in during January to May marked by unusually hot climate. The wind and ocean trends are quite irregular, with highest wind speed and stormy ocean observed during the months of June to August. Tidal amplitude is about half a meter.


Best Time To Visit

October to March is considered the best time to visit Gulf of Munnar.

Image by bijumuriathHari Seo~ Ashwin ~ under CC License.


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