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Why You Should Go to London, England

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The reasons to visit London the capital of the United Kingdom are virtually never ending. London is a city steeped in tradition, yet still modern in fashion and fun. When in London visitors are met with an over whelming city feel shared and reserved with only the Tokyo’s and New York’s of the world. London is a destination city where the best and brightest not only from Britain, but from the world over, culminate. Food culture, night life, fantastic monuments… the city has it all and then some.  Reasons to visit London include.


Grabbing a curry
England’s colonial connection to India has resulted in the curry becoming a staple across England and especially London. While there are curry haunts all over the city perhaps the best can be found on the east side’s Brick Lane. Whether you want uncomfortable hot or just a mild curry the whole gamete of India cuisine, from high end to reasonable priced, can be found.

Everything French
It will come as a surprise to many, considering some of their animosities of the past, but London actually is home to more than 400,000 French men. This number of French makes London a larger French centre than Bordeaux, Nantes and Strasbourg. What this means is that London has plenty of great French food, coffee, and style.

Hyde Park and Kensington Garden
London is a city that has plenty of great parks, but none are better than Hyde Park and Kensington Garden. These parks are adjoining and together make up the equivalent of London’s central park. Hyde Park has several attractions including the Diana Memorial Fountain, a winter fun fair, and the Serpentine Gallery while Kensington Gardens has the Kensington Palace and a lake in the parks centre.

Snappy Headlines
Call them muckrakers, but the English press sure can write a snappy headline that catches your attention. Over the top, playful with words, audacious, outrageous, and just downright crude are adjectives that could be used to describe the varied dailies’ attempts to capture the public’s eye. Looking at the headlines gives visitors to London a lesson on English humour and wordy playfulness.

Fish and Chips
Maybe not high cuisine, but this British staple is done to perfection in the different eateries of London. The benefit of being on an island is that there are plenty of fish to be found nearby, combine that with a public that salivates for things unhealthy and you get a well battered piece of fish with fries… or chips as they are called in England. While in London you simply must have some of their fish and chips.

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