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Berlin is the capital of Germany and one of the most populated places in Europe. It is one the finest cities of Europe with temperate seasonal climate and best living conditions making Berlin a favored city to live and tour in. Named the “City of Design” by UNESCO, Berlin is renowned across the globe for its scintillating architecture, grand arenas, serene gardens and unique cultural attractions. Without question, Berlin is the best holiday destination if you are a history buff, cultural enthusiast, architecture lover or a spirited traveler.

Berlin sightseeing

 Some of the places that you shouldn’t miss out on a trip to Berlin are listed below:

  • The Brandenburg Tor

The Brandenburg is by far one of the most sought out tourist places in Berlin. Apart from its architecture, it has some significant history added to its galore. The gate marks the division of Germany into East and West Germany and also the reunification. This neoclassical structure is seen as a symbol of peace. It is a 26 meters high sandstone monument well-known for its four horse chariot structure said to be ridden by Victoria, the goddess of victory. This place is an architectural marvel and of unique historical significance. This Berlin sightseeing is well worth the visit and one should never miss an opportunity to walk along both sides of the gate and notice the stark differences.

Berlin sightseeing

  • Gendarmen market

The Gendarmen market is one of the largest and lavish squares of Berlin. It is dominated by three renowned buildings namely the Konzerthaus, the French Cathedral band the Berlin Cathedral. This Berlin sightseeing attraction is, without doubt, a picturesque corner of the city that will be a visual treat to you once you start exploring the vast buildings and the marketplace.

Berlin sightseeing

  • Tiergarten

For animal lovers and nature photographers, Berlin doesn’t leave you behind. Covered by forests, lakes, gardens, and canals, this Berlin sightseeing beauty is definitely a hotspot for nature seekers and photographers. A place worth mentioning is Tiergarten, a hunting reserve that was converted into a park later on. This park is a lovely mix of English and French style architecture. It is apt to take a stroll in the evening or go boating.

Berlin sightseeing

  • Friedrichshain

This Berlin sightseeing attraction is for the party goers. Friedrichshain is a famous place in East Berlin and is known for its pubs and restaurants lined streets. People enjoy the scrumptious varieties of food in all restaurants. Open alcohol is definitely allowed on the streets.

Berlin sightseeing

  • Museum Island

A trip to Berlin is incomplete without a visit to the Berlin sightseeing wonder, the Museum Island. Named as a UNESCO World Heritage site, Museum Island is definitely worth the honor. Home of five historic museums devoted to archaeology and art namely Pergamon, Bode Museum, New Museum, Old National Gallery and Old museum. Each of these museums is a rich blend of architecture and art that will surely leave you awestruck.

Berlin sightseeing

Apart from the above-mentioned places, Berlin is also the home to much more tourist attractions which we leave for you to explore and cherish the experience in your own unique way.

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