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How To Have a Fantastic Family Holiday In Europe

On paper? Family vacations are always picture perfect. Everyone gets along all the time, wants to do the same things, and is one hundred percent happy. In reality? There are bound to be a few spats here or there. Someone might be grumpy or want to do something different. That doesn’t mean your vacation will suffer. It simply means you need to be prepared. There are ways to work around common issues. Ready to find out how? These tips will make sure you have a fantastic family holiday in Europe.

Choose Attractions That Everyone Will Enjoy. One of the hardest things about travelling with the entire family? Finding things that everyone wants to do. This can be especially challenging during a European vacation. Maybe one person wants to explore the castles and museums, another wants to go shopping for new clothes, and another wants to check out all of the major tourist attractions. One solution? You can always take them to Disneyland Paris. This is one European attraction that brings joy, laughter, and excitement to both children and adults.


Leave More Than Enough Time To Get From Place To Place. Not everything is close together. Museums, shops, and some of the best sights, are often quite far apart. For example, Stonehenge is nowhere near downtown London. So do your research beforehand. Make sure you are leaving yourself plenty of time to get from place to place. This will make your family vacation a lot less stressful. It will also help to keep everyone organized. Having a clear plan of action (like when to get up, where to get the bus, and so on) will allow you to maximize your days with ease. Plus, there will be no fighting about time management or directions!

Take Plenty of Photographs Of The Family. This is not always fun. Or easy to do. However it is important to take plenty of family photos on your Europe trip. It doesn’t matter whether you are in front of the Eiffel Tour or the Colosseum. Snap some photos. Not only will they be fun to look back at when the day is through…. but in the years to come as well. Every time you look at those photos? You will be reminded of happy memories. Not bickering, bad moods, or any other common family vacation hiccups. All you will see is family and fun.

Make a Firm Decision About Technology. It is hard to escape from. Unless you are in the middle of a fantastic Europe trip, that is. On a regular day? Technology is everywhere. We are glued to our smart phones, tablets, and computers. That can make it hard to connect as a family. Make a firm decision about technology before your vacation. If you do not want everyone to be texting or using Snap Chat…. speak up beforehand. And remember that the no technology rule applies to you, too! Another option is to limit the amount of time each family member spends on their phone each day.

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