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5 Experiences you Must not Miss in Disney World

If you have kids, chances are they have already asked you more than once to take them to Disney World. Afterall, which kid has not grown up watching their favourite Disney characters on TV! So, what better than gifting them a trip to Disney World where they can be part of the fantasy world and make the most of the experience! A word of caution though… if you are planning to take your family to Disney World, don’t forget to get your tickets before you go. Remember, the place gets over 53 million people in a year!

Moreover, your best bet to plan a Disney vacation well is to know beforehand what all you want to cover, and we’re here to help you with that. Read on to discover five different experiences you must not miss in Disney World:

1. Witness the Fireworks

When you are at Disney World, the day cannot end without watching the fireworks. You can catch either a seated, more formal show or standing shows in the park area to witness this spectacular phenomenon. One of our favorite fireworks experience, hands down, is Magic Kingdom’s Happily Ever After. If you are going for the standing shows, opt for a dessert and fireworks package, which will ensure you get special seating at the parks with the yummiest desserts.

2. High-tea with Alice

We know this is no place for favorites, but Alice is one of the most lovable Disney characters of all time. And now, you can have afternoon tea with her. Well, not you technically, but your lil munchkin. Go to the Grand Floridian, where kids from 3 to 10 can have high tea (ahem, apple juice!) with Alice and the Mad Hatter. Not to forget, they also let kids decorate their cakes and cookies!

3. Go gung-ho with the pirates

One of the classics, this chic ride was Walt Disney’s last addition to the park before his death. It remains one of the popular Disney experiences across the age spectrum. The ride is absolute magic with its proper lighting, sets, sound, costumes, and dialogues. Located out of Magic Kingdom, this super ride was the inspiration for the movie series with Johnny Depp.

4. Stay at one of the Walt Disney World Hotels

An awesome vacation has to cover staying at one of the theme hotels at Disney World. There are twenty-seven different hotels to choose from for different budgets. What’s more, your stay also provides you advantages like public transport (you can use buses, monorails and boats to go around, restaurant reservations and extra magic hours.

5. Meet the Characters

How can a Disney trip be complete without the mandatory meet the characters? we suggest you research and list the characters you want to meet and where they hang out. For example, you can spot Buzz Lightyear in Tomorrowland. Also, you can reserve a character dining restaurant, which means you don’t have to chase your favorite characters, they will come straight to you. And what can be better than dining with Mickey Mouse, himself!

Excited for your trip already! Well, don’t be surprised if your childhood memories come rushing back once you visit Disney World!…

Bon voyage!

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