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4 Attractions To See In Lembang

lembangIs your passport ready? Good. You will need it. Especially if you are going to head over to Lembang for a flawless vacation. This Indonesian city is truly spectacular. It is known for a couple of things: the many things to do and all of the natural beauty. The latter is on full display. Wherever you go in Lembang…you can stop and appreciate the gorgeous views and elaborate grounds. Are you excited for your upcoming trip? With these Lembang attractions, you definitely will be!

1)The Bosscha Observatory

There is nothing like a vacation in Lembang. It is guaranteed to be memorable. Especially when you find your hotel accommodations on It is quick, easy, and affordable. Even if you want to stay at the beautiful Grand Hotel Lembang. After you arrive in Lembang it is time to get started on your sightseeing. The Bosscha Observatory is a great place to get started. It is actually the oldest observatory in all of Indonesia. Located on a hilly stretch of land, visitors can appreciate the views, architecture, and the history of the area.


2)Tangkuban Perahu

Want an experience to remember? Then make sure you visit Tangkuban Perahu. This is a popular tourist attraction for a reason. Visitors to the area can hike up to the edge of a volcanic crater. There they can take a look at the hot water springs and boiling mud. It is certainly a unique experience! There are many ways to maximize your time at this incredible landmark. In addition to the volcano hike you can also visit the coloured lake. Your time here will be completely unforgettable.

3)The Farmhouse Bandung

There are many wonderful places to discover in Lembang. If you are travelling with family then be sure to head over to the Farmhouse Bandung. It will keep everyone entertained. This is one of the most popular attractions in the area. And for good reason! Here visitors can enjoy amazing views, places to eat, a petting zoo, and more. Walk the grounds, check out the village houses, and snap a few travel selfies. With so much to see and do…you will have an amazing time exploring the area.


4)The Begonia Garden

Who doesn’t love to look at beautiful gardens? Impeccably maintained landscapes? Stunning floral arrangements? Well over at the Begonia Garden you can make the most of all that and more. This botanical garden is known for its natural beauty. There are breathtaking flowers, plants, and even plenty of growing vegetables. Be sure to bring along your camera when you visit. With all of those gorgeous views? You will be totally snap-happy. Just think of all the amazing travel photos you will have when you return home. Your social media pages will make all of your friends green with envy.

This is your opportunity. It is time to explore the world and see new things. With these attractions to discover…. your vacation will be out of this world. Just think of all the natural beauty and amazing things to do!

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