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10 Signs You’re Addicted To Travel

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Almost everyone likes to travel especially during the holidays, in no small part because it gives you a chance to explore the world and get a new perspective on various things including different cultures. For some people though, travel becomes more than just a fun activity to do every now and then. If you find yourself having some or all of the following characteristics, then you might just be a travel addict.

Your Instagram is full of travel photos

In most cases, people feed their Instagram profiles with pictures and videos of themselves together with their friends, family or when eating. A travel addict, on the other hand, fills their profiles with photos or videos of beautiful compilations of mountains, waterfalls, scenic buildings and exotic places.

10 Signs You’re Addicted To TravelLa Sagrada Família – image from TheCanvasFactory blog

You have old luggage

Most travel addicts keep luggage to remind them of the many places they have been with it. A battered backpack that looks like it has been through a war zone is a badge of honour. You may also find that you have a suitcase with a broken zip or a missing zip tag due to the number of travels you have made.

10 Signs You’re Addicted To Travel 2Beaten up luggage – Image courtesy of Popista

Nothing will stop you from moving

A travel addict does not care about the impediments standing in their way, whether it is work or lack of finances. They will not give up traveling even if it involves them camping in nearby countryside if they can’t afford a hotel or even a hostel.

You have a special account for your travels

Since traveling is expensive, you squeeze your budget so that you can save for your next gig. You even have a savings account for your travel funds that you keenly follow its statements.

You spend a lot of time online

You are always browsing through travel blogs and websites. In fact, you spend more time on these compared to social media sites such as Facebook. When browsing, your primary interest is in reading what people are saying about some locations you have never visited and where they are currently visiting.

You are signed up for several airline newsletters

You are always ready to fly off whenever an opportunity arises. You are therefore subscribed to different carriers so that you can receive emails of all the newest deals.

10 Signs You’re Addicted To Travel 3Image from air line sales newsletter, courtesy of

You have lots of anecdotes to tell

Since you have traveled a lot, and to many places, you always have some amusing stories to share. These can range from the beautiful things you have seen, travel disasters to heartwarming stories of a welcoming community.

You are always on the look for travel reasons

While some people look forward to a weekend so that they can rest, you are eager for it so that you can travel. A public holiday, an increment at work or even a friend’s wedding overseas gives you enough reason to be on the move.

Every place feels at home

A travel addict feels comfortable in any place they go even if it’s thousands of miles away from home. They will even have serious post-travel blues, and the cure for it is usually another vacation.

Always looking forward to the next destination

When a holiday ends, a travel addict begins to dream and plan for the next. They even start contemplating on where they would want to go next while traveling. If they hear people talk about places they have never been to, all they want is to get there as soon as possible.

Travelling addiction is deemed to be harmless, enriching and rewarding. The only cure for it is keeping on traveling.

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