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A Backpackers Guide to Southern India

India is made up of six states: Telangana, Pondichery, Andhras Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Keralas. There are also two islands (Andaman and Lakshadweep), which many visitors to the country explore. Backpacking in South India is a beautiful experience. There are many culture flavours to explore, which include the history of the country, beautiful beaches and the colours that make up the whole region. Expect a warm welcome and a unique display of art by the natives. When you go backpacking to India, you expect to have the best experience, so it is advisable to understand all the items you should have and things you should do while on the tour.

Learn the culture

South India is made up of diverse cultures and welcoming locals. The locals are humble and great visitors with open arms. The food is desirably yummy and the life at South India is steady unlike other parts of India. The main staple food you will find in South India is rice, with each state offering a different flavour.

Know the route

South India is developed economically and the IT powerhouse is also strong. All the cities are rapidly experiencing growth, something that has also contributed to the development of seamless infrastructure. You can access different towns through buses, trains or flight. Some of the most preferred destinations that you can visit include: Gokarna, Coorg, Munar, Kochi, Hyderabad and Pondicherry.Puducherry_beach

Visit strategy

To have a good tour, arrangements should be made beforehand. Visa can be bought from the airport, so if you are planning to fly you should make arrangements to have the document processed in time. Also choose accommodation preferences early.

Accommodation in South India

You can enjoy many things in India, and accommodation is one of the facilities you will appreciate. The cost of accommodation varies depending on the type of guest house you choose for your trip. The costs are affordable even for someone on a small budget. You can get accommodation from as low as $5 to $15. What is good about the guest houses is the fact you will never spend a night in a dark depressing room because all the accommodation facilities are built to standard. To have an awesome experience, ensure you have a valid medical travel insurance package that can protect you against all risks you could encounter on your journey.

Meals and costs

India offers undoubtedly the most flavourful and colourful food in the world. There are street meals prepared well and you can get their unique traditional dishes at an affordable cost. This is a perfect chance to explore what the beautiful country offers and you can also learn about their cuisine. Surprisingly, you can get meals from as low as $1 dollars, and for fancier hotels (probably with attractive white table cloths and trained waiters), $3 would mean something classy.

Entrance fees

For Indians, the entrance fee may be as low as 50 cents. This does not imply visitors would have to pay extraordinary rates. The beauty of South India is everything there is priced fairly and the quality is also acceptable. For example, visiting the Taj Mahal would cost you only $14 while the Mehrangarh Fort. Is $4 only for visitors.

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