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3 Exciting Options for a Family Holiday in France


Normandy is an ideal destination for families seeking a different kind of holiday experience, the sheer advantage of caravanning through magical ancient cities which seem to have been stuck in time. Here, you can enjoy the beauty of the French countryside or simply gape in amazement at the most famous historical sites in Europe is an exciting experience for the whole family. Normandy is also home to some of the best caravan sites in France, so if you’ve chosen that way to travel then there isn’t anywhere better.

You have an awesome opportunity to explore the spectacular 350 miles of the dramatic coastline which includes white cliffs at Etretat and the famous D-Day beaches which are unique for a short stay as a base to explore the region. Make sure to visit the ancient town of Bayeux, the Benedictine abbey of St Michel beautifully perched on a 160 feet granite rock and the magnificent cathedral city of Rouen. The Suisse Normande region with its rocky peaks along the gorge of River Orne gives a powerful antidote to the historical sites in Normandy. This area of France is truly beautiful, and if you agree there are plenty of caravans for sale in France on site which you can buy and then return to year after year to get under the skin of one of France’s true gems.


Meribel is an exciting place to be for a family ski holiday; it lies strategically in the midst of the famed three valleys and is the most popular French destination. A Meribel skiing holiday will give your family an opportunity to ski on the 375 miles of totally linked pistes that the Three Valleys have to offer. Meribel is well connected to the other ski resorts such as Courchevel and Vas Thorens. The lift system is efficient and ultra modern hence you forget about long queues here. It is full of possibilities for any type of skiers from the well acquainted to the beginners of the sport; the whole family will find a trail suitable for their amusement.

There a lot of other things to enjoy while off the piste including staying in cozy catered chalet in Meribel, exploring the Meribel Les Allues towns normally just referred just as Meribel and visiting the neighboring villages. You cannot leave France without tasting its delicious cuisine; make use of the restaurants in the towns and villages to ensure that your energies are suitably restored after a long day in the snow.


Bordeaux’ appeal to families is easy to understand, it has a lot to offer that will entertain the whole family such as museums, festivals, art activities and even camping sites. Though Bordeaux is often passed by many tourists they are actually missing out on a lot. It is France’s greatest wine regions and is the commercial and cultural center of southwest France. This region will intoxicate you with delicious tasty wines as well as its curious entertainment scene.

Apart from being the wine capital Bordeaux offers you a relaxed rural escape with the pleasant views of verdant vineyards and beautiful ancient attractions such as the Cathedral St Andres which is France’s finer gothic cathedrals, the Grand Theatre, the Haut Brion and the Ecole du VIN de Bordeaux. The great thing about exploring Bordeaux is the gastronomic tourism: there are plenty of eateries where you can dine with your family.

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