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Things to be clear about before your apartment search.

Just about everywhere in the world, property prices have gone up. India is no exception. Years back it was comparatively easy for a mid-income earning member to build a house after a couple of years of saving money and by taking some loan. But today buying your own apartment is hard and can take years and a lot of good luck. Especially in urban cities where the demand for housing is high and so is the cost. In such cases most people opt for rented apartments. Now there is no shortage of rented apartments in the cities, but finding one that fits in all your parameters including your budget is the hard part. While some people are lucky and fit their perfect home quickly, for others it can take weeks and sometimes months. Patience is paramount while searching for homes especially in metro cities. You might be looking for a flat for rent in Patna or Kochi, the struggle is the same. For first timers its can get a bit daunting because one has not gone through this rigmarole before and doesn’t know what to expect. But fear not. Having a clear idea of your wants before searching for the flats is crucial and can save you a lot of time and energy. Also it will make the apartment hunting process much simpler and easier for you. So here are few things you should be clear about before beginning your hunt.

Budgeting- Before going house hunting, decide on your budget keeping your income in mind. Ideally one should not pay more than thirty percent of one’s take-home income on rent. And this includes all your household bills like electricity, maintenance, gas and water bills. Plan before hand and plan carefully. You don’t want to realize after renting the house that you can’t afford it.

Neighborhood- One should choose a neighborhood that is close or easily accessible to ones place of work. This will save you travel time and commute expenses. If you cannot afford a flat close to your office, make sure you choose a place which has food transportation facilities. This is very crucial and plays a big role in your overall peace of mind and quality of life.

Amenities- Depending on your lifestyle choices list out the amenities that are important to you. If the amenities are luxurious, then the cost also will be higher.  While some amenities are a must, some you can let go off. If you have a car, make sure your apartment has parking space.

Search Methods- In today’s digital economy apartment searching has become easier. There are a lot of options available. One can search for apartments online. There are many websites that provide listings of apartments available. They also include apartment photographs, and other details like the size of the apartment, the number of bedrooms, the amenities provided and the cost. They also mention the contact numbers of the landlord so you can clarify any queries and set up an appointment for viewing. While this method is great for some, it does not work for all; mainly because not all landlords put up listings of their apartments online.

So if you feel than your apartment search from online references is going nowhere, it is time to hunt offline. Consult a broker in the area you are looking for. They usually have a cornucopia of flats available and since they are more aware of the localities and properties they will be able to guide you better. Brokers take a commission from the sale. It’s important to discuss his/her fees before finalizing on the broker.

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