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Taking A Visit To Uluru

Images by Holger Link via unsplash

Uluru is the traditional name for what Australian settlers called Ayers Rock. This world famous mountain is a popular destination for tourists from many countries all over the world.

The Best Time Of Year To Visit

If you want to visit Uluru when the weather is not too hot, the best times of year to visit would be between May and September. Coming outside of those months, you could find that the heat is a bit too unbearable for you.

How To Get There

One of the most convenient ways to get there is through a tour agency and by taking a flight. Flying will give you a unique perspective and view of this natural wonder, in its eye-catching red colour. If you own a vehicle you could drive there directly, or alternatively you could also hire a car to make the journey.

The Uluru site is sacred to the local indigenous population, and although there are no current rules, visitors are asked not to climb this iconic sacred site. There will be rules coming into effect in October 2019 that will ban people from climbing the mountain.

Where to Stay When Visiting Uluru

If you are not looking to make a day trip and you just wish to stay over when you visit Uluru, there are options available to you. There is the option of camping and caravans, although there is no camping allowed on the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, where Uluru is located. So if camping is the option you choose, you will need to do it outside of the boundaries of the park. If you search online, you will find that there is also a choice of Uluru accommodation cheap for tourists, such as Ayers Rock Resort which is only a 10-minute drive away from the national park.

Where To Eat At Uluru

Many people bring their own food and have a picnic when they visit Uluru, but there is also food available in the park itself. So, if you do not have any food packed, or if you are camping and do not have any supplies to cook a meal, do not worry as you can still get food inside the park and Ayers Rock Resort also has a variety of places where you can eat, some of them in picture-perfect settings and locations.

Get A Pass For The Park

When you visit Uluru, you will have to get a pass to allow you into the national park. When you purchase a pass, this will give you access to the national park for three days. However, this can be extended to five days for no additional charge. The money that is collected through the charge of passes goes to maintaining the park and the upkeep of the facilities that are available to tourists.

Respect The Culture

The one thing you have to ensure that you do when you visit Uluru is to respect the culture of the native inhabitants of this area and respect their customs and wishes. Climbing on Uluru would be the equivalent of someone climbing a church or a mosque, so we should respect the culture when we visit this famous Australian attraction. Doing so will help to ensure that this natural wonder is preserved for visitors for many years to come.

Uluru, as one of Australia’s popular natural landmarks, draws visitors from all over the world. And now that you have read the above tips on where you can stay, where you can eat as well as the things you can do at Uluru, rest assured that you’ll not only be well-guided, you’ll also get to have a great time in this Australian attraction.

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