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Sublime Group Spa Getaways in the San Francisco Bay Area

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Long weekend coming up and can’t wait to kick back and relax with your girls? Well, you have come to the perfect place. This article will not only help you plan your long weekend in the most relaxing of ways but also make sure everyone gets back in time for office at the beginning of the week. Think glorious massages. Think saunas and swims and relaxing with your favourite women. Everything you can imagine and more is located right outside your door in San Francisco.
Don’t believe us? Well, here is a list of five of our favourite weekend spa getaways to convince you.

And of since the point is for your group to relax and be worry free, you might want to consider booking a private San Francisco charter bus rental to get everyone there on time, and without the worry of having to fight traffic along the way.

1. Calistoga

Imagine an entire town just sitting on top of a hot spring reserve and you will have an idea of what Calistoga is like. The quaint little town is in Napa Valley and has been serving as a gorgeous spa destination for decades now. And what is more? It is located just a one and a half hour drives away from San Francisco. Your destination is Sunburst Calistoga, which is a sprawling hotel with over thirty rooms that has own mineral pool and jacuzzi. Decorated with plush retro furniture, this also has its own hot pool where you and the ladies can soak your worries away anytime from 9 to 6 every day.

2. Sonoma wine country

Get ready for a full on pamper session with your ladies and visit Hotel Healdsburg in Sonoma. This is a top pick for room and relaxation where you can take your entire troupe for a beautiful weekend of wine, dine and soaking in the pool. Located just over 60 miles away from SAN FRANCISCO, this rustic place features farm to spa treatments including wine and honey wraps, jacuzzi, a pool encased by an olive garden and a serene garden patio. You can also go for the yoga classes that help in the weekend or a full-on spa session here.

3. Freestone

The sleepy little town of Freestone may be only one and a half hour from SAN FRANCISCO but it is all that SAN FRANCISCO cannot be: calm, relaxing and full of options to pamper yourself before the stress of a long week begins again. You can channel your inner Zen here at the very Japanese Osmosis Day spa and make your way through gardens in full bloom and picturesque pagodas. Slip on a soft robe and sip a tiny bowl of fragrant tea and then take a soak in wooden tubs that will de-tense your muscles by using the restorative properties of rice bran, cedar and imported plant enzymes. You will not only come out of this experience relaxed and glowing but you will be healthier for it too.

4. The Ritz-Carlton

If you have some money to spare and want to only concentrate on pampering yourself and your girlfriends, there is an exquisite option right there in San Francisco. Everything that you get during the spa treatment here focuses on healing and relaxing through aromatherapy. Let the scent of the rustic French lands tingle your senses with lavender and verbena and all things soft and beautiful. You can go for the nurturing Shea massage which will induce the deepest state of relaxation by using Swedish, deep tissue and hot stone treatment. The professional therapists will work on your tense muscles and arms till you wake up feeling like a new-born child, free of any pain and dull aches.

5. Silicon Valley

Because of its interesting location, the Four seasons hotel usually tends to people who lead the very high-stress lifestyle of a techie. It is designed nearly flawlessly in a way that befits the Silicon Valley. Consider Hydra Facials. By using gorgeous, state of the art devices, it cleanses impurities embedded deep into the skin while simultaneously flushing it with much-needed nutrients. The programs include facials, massages, pedicures and manicures that are apparently made to reprogram your system. Each of the processes is taken care of with utmost care and you emerge from it feeling much, much healthier and glowing. So, if you can afford it, a long spa day at the Four Seasons with the girls is not something you should miss.

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