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5 Most Scenic Routes For a Cruise

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Water covers more than three fourth of our planet, which is why cruising makes for an interesting way to explore the world. There are a number of sea routes around the world, some as old as time, and some created in the last century, which make for an interesting journey with incredible views and breathtaking beauty. Today, you can simply embark on an around the world cruise or go for shorter and more specific journeys to explore the place deeply. Read on to know more about five routes that we think everyone should cover once in their lifetime.

1. Norwegian Fjords

One of the best cruise routes on the planet, the Norwegian Fjords are full of landscapes that will make your trip unforgettable. With thousand feet high cliffs, frothy waterfalls, and snowy peaks, the views will keep you busy. Deep, crystal-clear waters with peaceful surroundings and tall mountains make it the travel of a lifetime. The towns (Bergen), hamlets (Flam) and other parts of Norwegian countryside covered on this route make it a must-do!

2. Madagascar

Indian Ocean is one of those unexplored territories on the planet which make for an unparalleled holiday. Pass through places like Mauritius, Sri Lanka and Comoros to head to Madagascar, the magical land. Sights like active and dead volcanoes, tropical forests and sandy beaches along with deep blue waters and coral reefs make this route a must for every explorer. And in the end awaits Madagascar, the land also called the eighth continent of the world, with its rich flora and fauna (think lemurs!). An exciting journey which will reveal the natural wonders of our planet to you.

3. French Riviera

Synonymous with legendary artists, this exotic part of France has always been a major attraction for travellers. Mediterranean cruises usually cover major Southern France ports like Cannes, Monaco and Nice, with beautiful, neverending blue seas and awe-inspiring views all around. Luxury ships especially go through a small French town, full of museums and galleries called Villefranche, which makes this route even more promising. The usual natural beauty mixes with a historical old-world charm and makes French Riviera an interesting place to cruise through.

4. Antarctica

What can be better than to travel to the world’s end? Usually ships leave from Argentina’s tip to this grand, white continent where nature remains untouched even today. Full of icebergs and glaciers the size of cities, blue, clear skies and natural phenomenons like the Southern Lights, this cruise will let you glimpse into the mystique of nature and Mother Earth. Spot sperm whales, penguins and other such wild creatures in their natural territory, while making sure no human is in sight! A must for those times when you want a detox from the civilisation.

5. Panama Canal

A human feat like no other – Panama lets you cross from one ocean to another. This around fifty miles long passage is a bucket list item for many. On board your ship, you can spot the engineering wonder that this canal is on close quarters. Crossing the Continental Divide along with the lush green, dense rainforest make for the perfect short cruise one can take. A testament to the human spirit, cruising through Panama is an experience which words can not do justice to.

So, where are you sailing off to now?

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