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Road Trips for Every Type of Traveler

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Going on a road trip is one of the best ways to explore your chosen destination. It allows you to go at your own pace, making it possible to have as many or few stops as desired. You can decide to camp out for the night or even in a couple of days. You can drop by different attractions and eat in restaurants along the way. Or better yet, you can just enjoy the scenery that unfolds along the way. Clueless about where to go for an epic road trip? Below are some of the best routes to take.Garden Route

If you are traveling to South Africa, this is a road trip destination that you should not miss. The entire route has a length of 300 kilometers. Through your journey, you will see rich and thick vegetation, which is exactly where the highway got its name. It has a glorious natural beauty that is sure to captivate the attention of any traveler. On your way, there are some attractions that should not be missed, such as Goukamma Nature Reserve, Belvidere, Garden Route National Park, and Knysna Lagoon.

Red Sea, Israel

A road trip to the Red Sea also gives you the opportunity to visit Eilat, which is like hitting two birds with one stone. This is the perfect idea for people who are into history and religion, since the country is known as a popular pilgrimage and worship site. On your way to the Red Sea, you can see stunning views of the Jordanian mountains that serve as the perfect backdrop for a rugged landscape.

Scotland NC500

The North Coast 500 in Scotland is one of the most scenic routes that you will ever see in your life. From deserted beaches to craft distilleries, picturesque lochs to historic castles, there are lots of attractions that will make the drive worth it. This route is perfect for experienced drivers only. You need five to eight days to make the most out of the journey. This road trip is perfect for people who would like to have a digital detox since in most of the places, mobile signal is inexistent.

Ring Road – Iceland

Before setting off on your Icelandic road trip, you should rent a campervan. You can find incredibly scenic spots to spend the night, and there are plenty of welcoming campsites. Make sure you bring your ID and other documents as the van rental companies will need to do a license check. When you’ve got your campervan, you get set off on the M1, this national highway is the perfect choice if you want to have an epic journey on the road. From icebergs to volcanoes to waterfalls, it will provide you with the perfect opportunity to appreciate the beauty of nature. With this, it is the perfect trip to take for travelers who are also nature-lovers. Covering an area of 828 miles, expect multiple changes in scenery along the way, which is sure to be a visual feast.

Cabot Trail

If you ever find yourself in Canada, this route is perfect for a road trip with family and friends. The northern section of the 298-kiloemeter route will be the highlight of your trip. Here, you can enjoy the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, which is home to eagles, black bears, and moose, among others. You will also find a selection of charming towns with villages that still show Scottish and French influences.

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