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Places to have a blast in Namibia

Check out the places to enjoy your best trip.


Swakopmund is Namibia’s greatest waterfront town and a mainstream shoreline resort for Namibians on vacation. The city’s German roots are much maintained in excellent old German Colonial structures all through the city, making a glaring difference with the Namib Desert at the edge of town. The adjacent sand ridges give a few exercises, for example, sandboarding, horse riding and quad biking while the shorelines of Swakopmund give a lot of surf and sand.

Cape Cross

Arranged 120km north of Swakopmund, Cape Cross is home to one of the biggest states of Cape Fur Seals on the planet. The encompassing zone was announced a store in 1968 to secure the greatest and best known of the 23 settlements of Cape Fur Seals which breed along the shoreline of South Africa and Namibia. Amid the November/December reproducing season upwards of 150,000 seals assemble at Cape Cross. The name alludes to the expansive stone cross raised here by Portuguese adventurers in the fifteenth century.


Situated in the Namib Desert, Sossusvlei is a tremendous earth dish encompassed by enormous, red sand rises. The Tsauchab River moves through the desert, and its uncommon flooding waters the vegetation that makes due in the earth soil. Amid dawn and dusk, the shades of the sand hills are continually changing and give a chance to picture takers. The savage desert winds ceaselessly modify the shape and surface of the rises, giving a constantly changing desert scene.

Fish River Canyon

The Fish River Canyon in southern Namibia is second just in greatness to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. It is completely brilliant and stunning in its hugeness. The gorge highlights an enormous gorge, altogether around 160km (100 miles) in length, up to 27 km wide and in spots very nearly 550 meters profound. Since the Fish River is being dammed it just contains a little measure of running water.

Etosha National Park

The Etosha National Park is fixated on the inconceivable Etosha salt container. The dish itself is typically dry and just loads with water quickly in the late spring, yet is sufficient to invigorate the development of blue – green growth which baits a huge number of flamingos. The majority of the natural life, including crowds of zebra, wildebeest and impala, can be seen around the waterholes that outskirt the dish. Etosha is served by three entrenched rest camps and offers an incredible self-drive safari experience.

So in case you’re going by, attempt one of these top attractions in Namibia – however recall, Namibia is a delightful nation wherever you go.

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