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Must See Three Monasteries

Check out the must see three monasteries and include it in your bucket list when you plan a trip with your lovable one.

Varlaam Monastery

Varlaam MonasteryThe second largest of the Meteora monasteries, the Holy Monastery of Varlaam offers a glimpse of the difficulties the monks encountered once building their top sanctuaries. It took twenty two years to bring all the building materials to the summit. The tower, receiving platform and rope basket wont to hoist the provides are on display in the refectory museum. Until the 20th century, the only way for visitors to reach Varlaam was to be hoisted up as well. Today, 195 steps carved into the stone cliff face lead visitors to the summit. Inside, frescoes cover the walls of the main chapel, including a harrowing depiction of the Apocalypse.

Great Meteoron Monastery

The oldest and largest of the Meteora monasteries, the Holy Monastery of Great Meteoron is that the highest too, rising over 615 meters (2,000 feet) above the valley floor. Founded by St. Athanasios, whose disciples enclosed exiled royalty, Great Meteoron has long been considered the most prestigious of the monasteries as well. Visitors who climb the over three hundred steps to the apex gain access to a grand complicated that has an large14th-century church,a small museum, a wine cellar and a shaded courtyard. For several guests, the most unforgettable display is at the sacristy where the skulls of the monastery’s former occupants are lined up neatly on shelves.Great Meteoron Monastery

Holy Trinity Monastery

Featured as a setting in the 1981 James Bond thriller “For Your Eyes Only,” Holy Trinity Monastery is perhaps the most recognizable of the Meteora monasteries. Placed atop a lone rocky pinnacle, it’s conjointly one of the foremost difficult monasteries to reach. From the parking area, visitors first descend 140 steps down a steep ravine, and then climb another 140 steps up to the compound. Most visitors find the hike well worth the effort. With its domed chambers, fully restored 17th-century frescoes and picture-perfect vistas, the Holy Trinity Monastery rewards visitors with an experience that won’t be soon forgotten.

These are the must see three monasteries for your reference. Enjoy!

Image by cod_gabriel,Carlos Pinto 73,Thomas Depenbusch Under Creative Common License.


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