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If You Are A Football Lover, These 3 Cities Are A Must Visit

stadiumIf you happen to be regular follower of football, there are three cities that you must absolutely visit in your lifetime; countless memories await you at Liverpool, London, and Manchester. Living within the United Kingdom, there is an intricate railway system that allows you to get to any of these cities in a short amount of time.

Thus, you cannot miss to see all three stadiums found in these cities, as they happen to be the greatest in the world. We are going to share a quick guide to all three cities here, so you can remember what to look for when you get there.

1. Liverpool

The city of Liverpool offers a wide variety of tours to see the stadium, which makes it difficult for many tourists to decide on one. For a first timer, it is highly recommended that you opt for the traditional tour. This tour will take you to see the massive Anfield in a very enjoyable manner.

If you have already been to Liverpool a few times; then you should opt for the Legend Tour. This tour will be led by a retired Liverpool legend. Explore all the sites the city of Liverpool has to offer and its rich football culture. The betting scene here at Liverpool is quite busy. There are many sportsbooks that can be found online, and countless people enjoy the thrill of watching their team play, whether the odds are with them or against them.

2. London

As a lover of football, the first thing to do, after you reach London and get settled in; is to get a tour of Arsenal Stadium. Without a doubt, it’s a site worth seeing. The best part about the grand tour of the stadium is the audio-visual handset provided to guide you through. As you explore this vast stadium, you can listen to an Arsenal player speak to you through your handset. As you enter the pre-game room, you can hear the coach yelling encouraging advice and motivation to players with the crowd roaring in the background.

The experience of the Arsenal Stadium happens to be quite an interactive one, and for the truest football lovers, the tour is known to be an emotional one as well.

3. Manchester

If you happen to live in or around Manchester city, you must be well aware that a match in the Etihad Stadium is a must see. When booking a tour of this marvelous stadium, remember to opt for a comprehensive tour that will take you through every nook and cranny of the stadium.

The stadium is designed keeping the acoustic aspect in mind. The spectators, no matter what part of the stadium they are in, can hear the action taking place in front of them. When you ask the people who have seen a match in this stadium, you are likely to be told that the experience was invigorating.

As a football lover it is highly recommended that you visit these three cities at least once in your life time, as well as any other great cities out there. If you want to know who’s the best football team on cities around the world head over to football betting odds according to William Hill or you will miss out on something spectacular.

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