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Experience Camden Town, the Most Vibrant Part of London

London is already is quite a vibrant city, if you still find it lacking in vibrancy, try giving Camden Town a visit. If you are truly looking for a fun, eclectic day, there is no place better than Camden Town. With its colorful shops, markets, bars, clubs, and restaurants, you will have everything you will ever need. In addition to that, just imagine yourself living in Camden Town, London, but it’s too early for that yet. Let us first discuss what it is about this town that makes it so popular that people want to visit and move here so eagerly.

A bit about the town of Camden

Camden town hasn’t always been the flamboyant place it is now. In fact, right up till the end of the 18th century, Camden was a barren patch of land, north of London. Thanks to Charles Pratt, the man that came along, and began urbanizing the place, which resulted in the dazzling locale we know today, as Camden market.

The people of Camden

Yes, given that Camden is now primarily famous for its market, it’s not the reason that brought the locals to this place. The local crowd is the life blood of this town, as it comprises of proactive, performing artists, from musicians to painters, and also a lot of students of the arts. On the weekends, you will find this place packed with more visitors than locals. Camden market is bustling with pleasure seekers from London itself, as well as tourists from all around the world.

The Camden Market

The market of Camden has now become the essence of this town. It’s what drives people to visit here; it’s what makes them return time and again. You will find anything you need here, from books, crafts, jewelry to fast food, bric-a-brac; as well as new and second hand stores where you will find clothing, household goods, and even furniture. The Camden market of London has something in store for everyone.


If it’s nightlife you are looking for, there are a plethora of restaurant, bars, and clubs in Camden that will keep you up all night. The pubs and clubs here are notorious for their fun, alternative, yet crazy vibes. Camden Town has been the spiritual home of British pop with numerous bands having roots there as well as a large number of record labels. Blur is the one band that is most commonly linked with the town of Camden and also the ex-guitarist Graham Coxon, that’s still regularly seen in the local bars and clubs.

If you are looking for a place to cool off, Camden is the place you should definitely visit. However, if you are new to London and are looking for a place to live, Camden market is a good choice as well. You can rent a flat in this area, the locals are friendly, and all the amenities you can dream off can easily be found here.

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