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Choose your Travel Partner Wisely

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In most occurrences a trip abroad will be an amazing time filled with opportunities to see new things, connect to new cultures, and generally just have a fantastic time. Depending what type of trip that one is taking there is one consideration to bear in mind, in particular if you are a first time traveler, who is going to be your traveling companion. Now the simple choice is going by yourself. If that is done you will be the boss and you will do what you want. For a lot of people though that might be daunting option and they would prefer to have a friend with them. If you want to have a travel companion with you, keep in mind a few of these questions when choosing that person. The answers could mean the difference from a great time or a compromised friendship afterwards.


How much money do you each have for the Trip?
Imagine being out with your friends and them wanting to go to an expensive restaurant when you don’t have enough money for it. Now imagine that feeling happening day after day as your travel partner just has a much higher budget than you. Perhaps at first you will do a few of the things they want, but as money really starts to go down a serious wedge will be driven between the two of you. Make sure your travel partner has a comparable budget as you for the trip.

Do you like to plan or see where the day takes you?
This may seem arbitrary, and to be honest a little mixture of both is probably best, but if you have one person that always wants to plan and the other that always wants to go with the flow you will have a problem. It won’t be long before these two types of people will seriously grate on one another. Each will try the others way and not like it. Then when they are not doing things their own way will feel short changed for the trip and resentful. Talk about this before you go.  Again a little mixture of each style works best.

Is your main interest in traveling soaking in Culture of Partying?
The best answer is a little of both, but often travel partners heavily favour one over the other and if it is not clear to each other before the trip starts some serious tension can ensue. Seeing the sites of Europe or Asia hung over each day could have you preferring your bed over the Angkor Wat. With that said though, there are fun times to be had meeting people from different countries too. The main point here is if your travel partner holds the totally opposite view of you on this again a serious rift can develop.

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