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The best casinos in South America

Online casinos have helped in their own way to increase the popularity of land based casino gambling. Many find the virtual gaming a way to learn casino games without feel the intimidation of being face to face with opponents and as a result, many of these players learn how to play games quite well. With this new found skill comes confidence that leads them to want to play at a land based casino. Often they like to do this while on vacation at some world destination. South America is a good choice if one wishes to participate in casino gambling while on vacation.


For those visiting Uruguay, the best casino is in the town of Maldonado. Here is the Mantra Casino which is part of a large inclusive resort. Of all the casinos in the country, the Mantra is hands down the largest, which is a great advantage considering online casinos can offer every game from baccarat to JackpotCity Avalon II. Slot machines games here number around 200 with 30 tables for guests to play roulette, baccarat or blackjack. Along with these tables are another 11 which are especially for poker players.

The capital city of Argentina offers gamblers the Trilenium Casino. This particular casino holds the distinction of having the most slot machines on the continent, with other 1700 of them. This casino does sprawl out over multiple floors: the first two floors of the casino offer gamblers an impressive selection of slot machines and the top floor or third floor is where table games can be played.

In Paraguay, the casino options are a bit more limited in comparison to some other countries. The capital city of Asuncion is the home of the Casino de Asuncion, the casino offers a wide range of casino games. Among the table game offerings include blackjack, American roulette, poker and craps and slot machines can also be found here as well as electronic roulette.

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