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Beating the New York City Heat

Summer in New York has a tendency to get hot and muggy. The people that have money often slip away to the Hamptons to beat the heat, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways around the hot New York summer in the city. Places to find water, escapes out of town yourself and ice cream will be your saviours on a hot New York day. A few ideas to of things to do in summer in NYC include.

17816Get Wet

A few ideas for getting yourself wet during the New York Summer, a key survival tactic include – heading to the swimming pools in Brooklyn Heights. You can also head to Coney Island, if you want a bit of beach time. Sometimes Coney Island has concerts on the beach, AVP professional Beach Volleyball, and different festivals. If you have time, a car, and it is real hot it may be worth while to drive a few hours away from New York to experience tubing down the Hudson River… the ultimate escape from the heat.

See Some Art

If it’s scorching out than why not head indoors to the air conditioned confines of New York’s world class art galleries. Alternatives to this exist too such as taking a trip from Grand Central Station to Beacon New York home of the modern art collection at Dia:Beacon. After you peruse the gallery take time to walk around one of the quaintest small cities in the whole US. Also check out art in Brooklyn at the annual summer art show that takes place at the Waterfront Artists Coalition. To enjoy art in the sun also take part in some graffiti art tours around the city.

Eat Some Ice Cream

A great way to try to stay cool is to just eat some good New York ice cream. New York has no shortage of great ice cream places so get out there and start exploring them. If you are in Manhattan check out the ChikaLicious Desert bar which has a constantly changing menu of deserts. If you fancy some Gelato than get yourself down to L’Arte del Gelato who has innovative flavours like grapefruit Campari sorbetto and green tea! If you’re by Broadway and 17th street than try the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck which provides delights like the Monday Sundae – available every day of the week – with caramel and nutella.

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