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A first timer’s guide to Burning Man

Each year nearly 50,000 people – mainly of the creative, open minded variety – descend upon Blackrock Nevada to create the living art installation that is Burning Man. This is designed to be a place that removes itself from the usual mores of society and creates a new way… at least temporarily. Seeing different images on TV of the nudity, apparent psychedelic drug use, and overall insanity could scare a lot of people off from coming. The hope of this guide is to provide a few welcome hints to Burning Man first timers and show what the true point of the festival is.


During the day time
This is the time to wander the “new” city and explore its varied options for how to spend your time. Each year the services, workshops, and make shift groups are different. Perhaps one year you will do a 2,000 mass meditation and the next take the opportunity to learn how to pole dance. Whatever is going on, don’t be shy and just try to experience some new things to expand yourself.

At Night
This is where it will get a little wild. Djs will be spinning records, bands performing and art installations that use lights will be glowing and representing the pathos of Burning Man. You’re role in all of this is going to be exploring still and pressing yourself as much as you can to join into the spirit rather than just observe it.

Contribute yourself
Burning man is a festival that does not involve money. Services between parties are done by exchange or barter. Now the overall scheme here is that since everyone “technically” is suppose to be contributing an individual service doesn’t need to be repaid immediately right then and there. So what this means is that you could get a lots of free things without contributing yourself, BUT – by doing you would be cheating the festival and if everyone did that this Burning Man would cease to exist. The bottom line is to tax your own creativity and find a way that you too can add to the camp.

Know your limits
Okay, Burning Man is suppose to be about  pushing yourself and expanding yourself beyond your normal  limits. With that said though, when it comes to the varied illicit drugs going around within the camp don’t bite off more than you can chew. No one’s idea of fun at Burning Man is tripping so bad that other have to take care of you till you come back to reality. Just use a little common sense and you’ll be able to have a great time in this truly unique festival.

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