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Russia Tourist Places

Russia has more than 23 UNESCO World Heritage Site which makes it the best holiday destination of this year. Its great history, cultural heritage, and great natural variety places make it the top the holiday destination ideas list. All of the major Russia tourist places fall along the Golden Ring of ancient cities. Russia provides the free visa for limited time tourism pack too many nations. You will be able to experience their history not only in the museums but also in the churches.

Russia tourist

  • Moscow

Moscow is not only important because of being the capital but it has many much things to offer you will see many historical buildings with the onion-shaped dome, art, cultural and ballets. Russia was not always peaceful and its glances you will be able to see the Cold War museum.

Russia tourist

  • Petersburg

St. Petersburg is the cultural capital of the nation, this city holds centuries of heritage and art peacefully in its fantastic monuments and churches. This city has many major attractions on Russia tourist places like Peter and Paul fortress along with which you will be able to see St. Issac’s Cathedral one of the largest cathedral in the world. Nevsky Prospekt is the major attraction for shopping and dining.

Russia tourist

  • The Golden Ring

The Golden ring path that passes through many cities has so much to offer that its beauty can fill senses with awe. Picturesque countryside contains Cherry orchards, onion-shaped domes and many iconic churches that hold the artistic heritage of this nation. The Golden Ring is the most preferred site for Russia tourist attraction by the local people. The white stone churches, fortresses, and many monasteries are the major attraction Russia tourist attraction of this place.

Russia tourist

  • Kazan

Kazan is referred as the third capital of Russia after Moscow and St. Petersburg. Kazan residents enjoy high standard living. Russia tourist attractions that you can visit here are remains of Kazan Kremlin that was destroyed Ivan, the Kul-Sharif Mosque, and Bauman the shopping street of Kazan. You can also see various amazing artistic monuments here.

Russia tourist

  • Suzdal

Suzdal is another popular site for Russia tourist places; it is a small town in the Vladimir which is protected against modern development so you can take the feeling of old Russia’s culture and traditional living here. It has many old buildings like Cathedral and Kremlin. Ancient Suzdal makes the apart of the Golden Ring and has many buildings that have stunning medieval architecture and an amazing number of monasteries. Suzdal has grassy planes and a small population of 12000 people living in it; you will feel free and comfortable here away from all the noise and rush of the city

Russia is one of the strongest members of USSR but what makes it unique are Russia tourist places and the heritage they hold in themselves. We hope that you found what you came looking for and feel free to visit the country by applying for the free VISA.

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