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Get Hopping!

The Greek islands are synonymous with summer. Whenever I think of summer holidays, my mind heads over to Greece, with its blinding blue waters, stunning beaches, and laid-back vibe. Of course, there are many destinations to visit, including the mainland, and the many islands that make up the country’s whole.

Greece has gone through a tough time economically, however, this hasn’t stopped scores of visitors heading over for their annual summer jolly, and with history, scenery and culture to this standard, why not?!

greeceOne suggestion, to make your holiday completely different, is to see a few islands throughout the course of your break. Island hopping is becoming hugely popular, and the freedom to stay in one particular place for as long you please, before heading to another island, is the height of spontaneity.

This kind of holiday is ideal for singles, couples, and groups, as the fly-by-the-wind approach will work better if you haven’t got young children with you, however it’s not impossible. You’ll find many flights during summer months, with some low airfares on offer. This kind of holiday is about saving money prior to flying, because it is like backpacking in a way, albeit on a smaller scale and with the help of reliable, and easy to use ferries between islands.

Not having one particular base can be tiring, as you’re constantly on the go, so be sure to stock up on shut-eye before you travel. If you’re heading out to Greece on an early flight, why not look into a night in an airport hotel? I’ve done this many times, and for early starts, you can’t beat it. I often fly from Manchester, and there are many Manchester Airport hotels from, with something to suit every budget.

Where you start your island hopping adventure is entirely up to you, whether you start on the mainland and head out from there, or jump straight onto island number one. There are many islands to visit, and each one is beautiful in its own right. Santorini is one of my absolute favourites, with its beautiful white-washed buildings and blue domed churches, all set in steep hillside settings. Another great island to visit is Rhodes, and this is where you’ll find lots in the way of night-life. If you want to span your adventure a little further, you can get a day trip over to Marmaris in Turkey from Rhodes. Just remember to keep your passport with you if you choose to do this, as you’ll need to purchase a £10 tourist visit on entry into Turkey.

Corfu is another popular island, as well as Kos and beautiful Kefalonia. The smaller, lesser known islands, such as Ithaca, are fantastic to explore, as they’re not quite so touristy, and this means unspoilt nature. Want more? Skiathos, Zante – the list goes on.

The Greek islands have far too much history and scenery to talk about in too much detail, but each has its own charm, beautiful beaches and lots to explore. An island hopping holiday will leave you with a head-full of memories, but remember the tiredness factor. I can’t stress enough how important it is to be rested before you head out. The airport hotel idea is a fantastic one, such as the many Heathrow Airport hotels on offer, so certainly check that one out.

There’s much to be said for casting free and heading out into the great unknown, and an island hopping holiday in Greece will cater for every whim.

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