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Explore Japan

Japan could be a country that’s comparatively simple to travel about and, astonishingly to several, much less costly to visit than several different major destinations.

And though it’s going to sound a lot of like promotional hyperbole, the truth is that Japan extremely could be a country of contrasts. Yes, it’s ultra-modern with town streets full of businessmen in dark suits and teenagers in Harajuku-style Japanese street fashion, and bullet trains, among the quickest in the world, linking its cities. But it’s additionally a country of tradition and traditional beauty. On the streets of Kyoto, for example, you still find kimono-clad geisha, ancient temples everywhere the country and a culture that goes back thousands of years.


Sensoji TempleJapan’s capital town, with its mixture of traditional and famous urban life, is that the most well-liked traveller destination in the country. Sensoji Temple is one among its iconic historic sites, and also the Imperial Palace provides a traditional and royal air. The city’s Ginza, the equivalent of New York’s Madison Avenue, is world famed, as is that the Harajuku Japanese-teen street fashion that influences international fashion industry. While you’ll find many authentic Japanese dining in Tokyo, you’ll additionally find best international restaurants as well, since Tokyoites have a discriminating palate for authentic quality of international cuisines like Italian, Chinese, French, etc. Sushi restaurants are plentiful in the outer market of the celebrated Tsukiji Fishmarket.


According to the Japan National Tourism Organization the ancient capital of Kyoto is the most popular destination for foreign visitors to Japan. It’s a city that embodies all that people think of in terms of Japanese tradition including centuries-old temples, ryokans (Japanese traditional style inn), teahouses, geisha, etc., all maintained in the authentic tradition by the city. The cityscape is also well maintained, and there are many cultural workshops in which visitors can participate.


While the name may not be very familiar to American tourists, this is the prefecture where Yokohama (Tokyo’s neighboring city) and Kamakura (a historic city along the coast) are located. With a huge Buddha statue, Kamakura is a popular and easy destination for those who stay in Tokyo (just an hour or so away by train) and travelers come to stroll between temples along the calm beaches. Hakone, where people go for hot springs, ryokan, and the magnificent view of Mt. Fuji, is also in the Kanagawa prefecture.KANAGAWA


As the second largest town and a significant business travel destination, Osaka is that the home of many major international companies. But additionally to business, Osakan culture is additionally heavily targeted on food. Actually some lovers of Japanese cuisine view Osaka is the capital of affordable dining spree! Outside of the urban centers, pockets of tranquility are tucked away in the countryside.

Explore Japan and have fun!

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