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6 Things to do in Mont Tremblant

Mont Tremblant is a small town situated in the Quebec province in Canada. The place is famous for its Mont Tremblant Ski Resort. No matter which season you choose to visit- summer, winter or fall, the town has a beautiful view to offer. The city has a lot to offer, so be prepared to be busy. There is a long list of things to do in Mont Tremblant. Although most of the tourists visit this place for the skiing experience, the city has a lot to offer for non-skiers. Mont Tremblant is one of the highest peaks in the Laurentians with height under 3000 feet. The place is suitable for going on a family vacation.

Best things to do in Mont Tremblant

This article talks about all the things that you can do in Mont Tremblant. Apart from skiing, this place offers a variety of activities for both indoor and outdoor.

1. Go hiking in Via Ferrata Du Diable

The Via Ferrata Du Diable is located on the rock wall of Vache Noire at the entrance of Mont Tremblant National Park. This place is also known as Devil’s Via Ferrata and has a mountain trail led by a professional guide. There are various trails customized for beginners, intermediate, and advanced hikers. If you can cross the 200-meter ascent, then you can get the fantastic view of the Laurentians. The mountaineers will be clipped onto a steel cable for you to tackle the beams, various types of bridges, built-in steps, footbaths, and walkways.

Highlights: one has to go through a safety course before they can hit the trails. There are three trails, The Excursion, which is 500 meters long and takes about three hours, L’Intermediarie, which is 800 meters long and takes approximately five hours and La Grande Viree that is 1000 meters long and takes five hours to complete.

2. Visit two golf courses in Mont Tremblant

Mont Tremblant has two challenging 18-hole golf course with a unique layout. These two gold courses are open from May to October. The Golf Le Diable is spread across 7056 yards and designed by Dana Fry, and Michael Hurdzan has red sand dunes. The other course named Gold Le Geant is spread across 6836 yards and designed by Thomas McBroom, gives the golfers a view of the Laurentian landscape. There is professionally certified CGPA staff to provide tips and guidance, an electric golf cart, and an ample amount of practice area.

Highlight: Tremblant Golf Academy, situated in Golf Le Diable, is one of the best in North America. It has an ES14 advanced launch monitor that helps you analyze critical shots and ball tracking.

3. Skiing in Mont Tremblant

Mont Tremblant is famous among tourists because of skiing. The place attracts a high number of visitors every year that loves to ski. The locals here speak both French and English. This place is pedestrians only and ski on/ ski off. One of the best parts about Mont Tremblant is that even beginners can ski from the top of the mountain due to its gentle green trails. There are hotels for you to stay and enjoy a few days with your loved ones. The weather varies from day to day, and one should visit between December and January for fresh powder.

4. Go kayaking, rafting or a boat ride

People who are interested in water sports can have a gala time. During the months of summer, tourists can opt for various water activities in Lake Tremblant or River Rouge in the Laurentians, for cruising and sightseeing one can rent pontoon and boats. Water sports such as waterboarding, waterskiing, and tubing are also available. Also, one can go white water rafting. There are canoe trips on Lake Mercier, Lake Moore, and Diable River, as well as fishing expenditures to catch salmon, musky, lake trout, hook bass, etc.

Highlight: Flyboarding is a new activity available at Mont Tremblant Activity Center, where you will be strapped to a board and shot onto the air by high-pressure jets of water. The Activity Center will provide Lifejackets, flyboard, helmets, and wetsuits. An individual has to be 12 years or older to participate in this activity.

5. Take the bike Paths

People who love to ride a bike will have great fun in Mont Tremblant. Mont Tremblant has quite several easy biking paths for tourists, including many new tracks. The place also offers a 30-mile long, challenging mountain bike trail that is managed by Velo Mont Tremblant organization. To go mountain biking, one has to get a valid pass. These passes are available at four locations, namely Cybercycle on Chemin du Village, tourist kiosk on Montee Ryan, Station Mont Tremblant on Chemin des Voyageurs and Jo Velo on 745 Rue de St-Jovite.

Highlight: the longest trail in Canada, P’tit Train du Nord, is located in the heart of the Laurentian region. Rent a mountain bike and go along the 142 miles of cycling trails. There are plenty of stops at lakes, rivers, restored train stations and villages.

6. Go for shopping

Mont Tremblant’s European style village is a great place for shopping and to take a break from the cold. The town has 35 retail stores with many chain stores and a gorgeous boutique. Women should visit Ludivine, a store featuring German and Italian designers Luisa Cerano and Riani. To get everything maple such maple tabby, maple ice cream, and maple syrup, visit the Sugar Shack.

There are several things to do in Mont Tremblant. Tourists will never get bored when they are visiting this place. The place is a great tourist spot for all ski lovers. Before attending this place, make sure to do some research about when they should go, where they should stay, etc. Also, make sure you go for dog sledging. This is a popular activity among tourists, and all of them highly recommend the sport. Apart from skiing, this place also has various other types of activities available for all the people who are non-skiers. Make sure to carry your necessary gear along with you.

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